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Jobscience integrates sales, recruiting and back office through a single, flexible platform and reporting engine, maximizing your ability to forecast revenue, to increase margins, and to ensure the highest quality of placement.


Hire Employees

Jobscience is the first to unify CRM and applicant tracking system, enabling recruiters to break through the noise and land top talent on demand. Source, recruit, and hire great employees in today’s competitive market, with our CRM & ATS software.

Top 3 Confidence Factors That Jobscience Is the Right Solution.

Cloud-based. Mobile. No Bull.

Bringing the #1 sales and marketing platform to recruiting.

Built on the world’s leading cloud platform,, Jobscience delivers confidence in reliability and data security, along with commitment to  social and mobile innovation.

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Proven with organizations like yours.

We support 500+ customers, from boutique staffing firms to multinational corporations, from the UK to the US, from Russia to Japan, across many industries.  If your organization operates a professional recruiting function with a business mandate to recruit high quality candidates faster, you are likely to find a relevant story.

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Service is a built-in feature.

Average 4.8 star rating across 170+ customer reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and G2 Crowd demonstrates Jobscience’s commitment to the second “S” in Saas, “Service”.

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3 Minute Tour

2014 Q2 Release

Continuing the Simple, Visual, Responsive User Experience Journey

Jobscience brings entirely new tools to its core CRM and Applicant Tracking System – focused on the external stakeholders in the staffing and recruiting process. Key features include: the 1-minute mobile job search for candidates, enhanced skills ratings for recruiters and a modern way of introducing candidates to client hiring managers.

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Apples to Apples.

Compare Resumes Side-by-Side

We’ve completely re-imagined the way to quickly and accurately review resumes.  By standardizing the critical parsed data from a candidate’s resume along with other details from the candidate profile, we organize and present the key attributes of a candidate in a consistent, color-coded, intuitive interface.  Easily swipe through sets of resumes in the original format or in our new jCard layout for apples to apples comparisons.

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“Our transition to Jobscience has been the best decision we have ever made.”

- Sara Menke | Premier Staffing CEO