If finding the right candidate for a position is partially an art, back office business functions are surely pure science. There should be no guesswork involved in your firm’s billing, invoicing, compliance, timecard management, and candidate availability.

Without proper organization and streamlined back office processes, your organization’s data, time, and eventually profits can suffer. That’s where Jobscience’s staffing agency software comes in. Its unparalleled transparency empowers users with a full view of all talent and client interactions.

Support your back office team with the world’s #1 web-based CRM platform, Jobscience, built on, can help. While many back-office softwares are sold separately, Jobscience’s end-to-end business process support delivers real time data updates for the full data set, to reduce delays in processing payroll and billing.

Onboard and manage contractors with ease, with our:

  • Built-in, new hire forms
  • Timesheet hourly tracking for contractor employees
  • Direct data export:
    • Monitor which forms your new hires have completed, and prepare for placement.
    • Your contractors can submit their hours, and your clients can approve them.
    • Export data to generate payroll, invoicing and forecasting documents.
  • Jobscience is web-based, open, and mobile. Easily integrate to 3rd party services and applications such as payroll. Deliver data to clients and talent via online Communities, and also to mobile devices.

Streamline your client relationships:

  • Simple invoicing:
    • Make it easy for client hiring managers to review and approve hours.
    • Export contractor data for instant invoices.

Get access to these great tools and learn how you can utilize the science of recruiting.

Don’t have an uncertain future:

  • Put candidate availability and resources in sync
  • Powerful forecasting
  • Financial data at your fingertips
  • Drive compliance:
    • Project revenue and gross margin for each placement.
    • Calculate commission, gross pay and gross revenue.
    • Rules-driven engine calculates pay and bills – whether simple or complex.

With Jobscience’s back office tools, you can design a formula for success.