When you have thousands of relationships, it’s near impossible to organize and manage activities, events and contact changes with ease. Jobscience ATS/CRM recognizes that relationships are core to staffing firm success, so we’ve built a centralized hub for all your nurturing activities.

Jobscience stands tall on the built-in infrastructure of the world’s #1 Cloud CRM, Salesforce. The benefits of Jobscience’s Salesforce.com platform (particularly if you are a current Salesforce customer) are:

  • Singular dashboard that showcases a 360º view across your three C’s: Clients, Candidates, and related business Contacts. We are a true recruiting CRM. We strove for simplicity in design, to naturally encourage ease of use, a streamlined user experience, and to minimize visual “clutter” on the screen. The first element of this was to reduce both the number of Tabs needed in Salesforce, as well as reduce the number of tabs or new windows one may open while using the application. This includes the ability to view candidate list names & descriptions, edit or delete a list, assign a location and choose keywords that represent what/who you’re sourcing for, easily add a contact, and view the count of contacts already in your list.
  • Industry-leading social collaboration tool Chatter for effectively sharing knowledge, recording activities, and receiving feedback from fellow colleagues.
  • Extensive library of supporting applications and APIs available through Salesforce.com AppExchange. These apps can enhance existing CRM functionality, including: contact intelligence (Data.com, LinkedIn for Salesforce, Broadlook, InsideView), marketing automation (SMS Magic (see screenshot), Mail Gun), cross system awareness / email integration (Ebsta, Cirrus Insight, LinkPoint 360), telephony productivity, data integrity, and much more.
  • Easy portability of data through standard APIs extends the value of the staffing software platform.

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