The first day of work is challenging enough for both recruiters and employees. Jobscience recruiter software eliminates unnecessary clutter with Onboarding.

A few years ago, Jobscience developed this product to help companies onboard new employees quickly, especially remote employees who needed an electronic solution to submit all of their first-day Forms.

Onboarding has helped numerous customers automate the Onboarding and data collection process, including the following:

  • Form I-9
  • W4 form
  • Direct Deposit setup
  • Emergency Contacts setup

Forms for Onboarding and References.

Forms are branded to feel like a customer’s own unique “new hire” portal. Onboarding is unique to Jobscience recruiter software and not native to the Salesforce platform.

Jobscience has also developed References, a method for rapidly generating reference data on candidates while minimizing unproductive time spent writing emails, leaving voicemails, transcribing notes, and playing phone tag with busy professionals. It’s quite simple – all the recruiter has to do is click the “Request References” button on a candidate record.

  • An email is automatically sent to the Candidate, asking them to click on the form link and enter three references.
  • Each Reference form creates a Reference record in Jobscience, linked to the Candidate record.
  • Jobscience automatically sends out an email to each Reference that has a valid email address, instantly. The email explains that you’re requesting information on the candidate, and that this is their opportunity to answer a few questions electronically, on their own time:


Onsite Event Capture.

References and Onboarding aren’t the only use cases for Jobscience Forms. Try using them for Onsite Event Prospect Capture.

Staffing firm employees attend a number of events: job fairs on college campuses, specific industry or job function conferences, or meetings hosted at the offices of large employers. To maximize experiences with talent and other professional contacts, minimize manual data entry or tedious list-loading. Use Jobscience’s simple Form for events; have the Form open on a tablet that can be passed around, or at a computer kiosk.

When a prospect clicks “Submit,” their data is automatically entered as a new Contact in Jobscience. The Source is automatically tagged as “Job Fair” but you can set it to be a more specific Source name, such as John Doe University Recruitment Fair 2014.”

  • Event Invite
  • References

Offer Letter and Electronic Signature.

Forms is also now used in standard Jobscience Editions for sending electronic Offer Letters. Now, the candidate receives an email notification to view an offer, with a link to a form that is unique to them.

The Offer Form displays all pertinent information that the recruiter has already entered within Jobscience, and workflow automation does the rest, choosing the correct email template and auto-populating all the right data into the Offer form.

The recipient of the offer can electronically sign to accept it. Their signature and the content of the offer letter are captured as a PDF and stored in Jobscience, linked to the Application and the Candidate records.

Onboarding, retrieving references, and organizing new candidate data are some of the toughest parts of staffing. Jobscience recruiter software guides the processes along so you can keep the ball rolling.

Offer LetterElectronic Signature