Measure and Optimize.

Analytics-based insights are indispensable for staffing industry firms that want to place top talent and exceed both internal and client goals. The business world’s focus on big data and the decisions made around it are only expected to increase in importance over time. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for staffing firms. Luckily, Jobscience recruiter software is prepared to support these endeavors.

Jobscience recruiter software offers close to 50 unique, shareable reports and recruiter activity dashboards, so you can remain on target across all of your departments and personnel. Our dashboards and reports are native to the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce, and are completely customizable to your company and personal needs.

  • Create specific custom reports for internal use or sharing across communities.
  • Open Report Builder and simply drag and drop fields and add filters for the data you want to view within your report
  • Create pie charts, bar, funnel, and line graphs
  • Showcase candidate quality & fit based on a consistent and compliant set of attributes.
  • Design custom fields for organization-specific use cases and terminology
  • Collaborate on team calendars. If you have existing calendars in Outlook or Gmail, sync with Jobscience for full or partial visibility across teams
  • Create a task list and assign tasks to staffing industry team members
  • To keep track of activities from anywhere, download the Salesforce1 app for Apple or Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Manage permissions on any document or portal for full sharability, editability, or confidentiality, according to user
  • Customize workflows, user interfaces, page layouts, communication templates, and email alerts

Staffing industry firm employees are constantly interfacing with clients and with candidates, and it can be difficult to keep track of these many personas. Jobscience offers Chatter, a Salesforce enterprise social collaboration app – so that real-time collaboration can continue beyond emails and phone call (either privately or with specific groups, and either via desktop or mobile).

With customization and collaboration, Jobscience customers have found immeasurable value in creating their best dashboards and reports – to get placement down to a science.

Jobscience Staffing Software Standard Reports


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