Jobscience understands that a staffing firm’s worst fear is the bad hire. (Talk about an experiment gone badly). That’s why we’ve devised numerous recruitment tools for the best applicant tracking and just-in-time placements.

Reviewing resumes can be time-consuming due the endless number of formats used by various candidates. Jobscience parses all types of resumes so you can view them in an easy to read, infographic-like candidate user profile we call the jCard.

When you launch Speed Review from your contact list or web sourcing results, you can take a quick glance at your candidates’ “jFactors” — their Employment History, Education History, Skills, Location, References, and Social Links.

  • Easily swipe through sets of resumes, in either their original format or jCard profile format.
  • Find a great fit? Add candidate(s) to a Short List to narrow down applicant pools or organize them by specific criteria. You can also directly invite them to “Apply for a Job.”
  • Candidate jCards are compatible on desktop, tablet or mobile device – so you can take action from wherever your are.

Refine your matches with Skills Rating. Your clients look to you for quality candidates, so make sure you show them the top people for the job. With Jobscience recruitment tools, a candidate’s resume is initially assessed against our skills taxonomy library of 20,000+ skills to identify matching skill sets and estimate the appropriate years of experience. Additionally, recruiters can rate candidates on a numerical scale, so they can easily found again based on their expertise.

Communicate your findings. Ready to share a candidate’s jCard with your colleagues? Simply post your candidate’s profile on Chatter, Jobscience’s social collaboration tool built by Salesforce. Your Chatter followers can review it, or you can select specific colleagues to share with to get their attention.

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Get access to these great tools and learn how you can utilize the science of recruiting.