Because Image Matters.

First impressions do matter – especially when it comes to hiring. That’s why Jobscience online recruitment software packages your candidate profiles into a clean, colorful, easy-to-read Presentation that you can send to clients.

Introducing top candidates to clients is undoubtedly one of the most important engagement tasks for a recruitment agency. Jobscience’s proprietary candidate presentation and comparison tool is inspired by today’s marketing infographics.

Present candidates to your client in a format that makes the process easier for all stakeholders. Through a secured link delivered through email or SMS, client hiring managers can open and view a Presentation of a staffing firm’s top candidate jCards. jCards visualize your candidates so that clients can assess and comment directly from the presentation you send them via email. After viewing, the client can then deliver feedback directly back to the staffing firm’s Jobscience online recruitment software software.

The infographic candidate presentation tool simplifies the view of multiple candidates by consistently organizing and displaying job seeker core data like skills, employment and education history, recommendations and more.

Staffing firm recruiters can configure the Presentation package with options to:

  • display or hide a candidate’s name
  • show social profile links
  • show original resume
  • employ the ability to accept feedback from the client
  • customize with staffing firm’s company logo

Jobscience online recruitment software’s Presentations allows both staffing firms and clients to view candidates in a timely and polished fashion, so it’s easy to see what great talent you’ve found.

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