You’ve had great successes as a staffing firm – now can you repeat them? Jobscience gives sales executives the ability to succeed anytime, anywhere, every time.

Jobscience is built on the world’s #1 sales platform,, for CRM recruiting. We’ve integrated with  Salesforce1 Mobile so that Jobscience customers can benefit from industry-leading mobile functionality that is native to applications. Business development can happen in any situation, and even more likely in a social situation, so you need the ability to record your findings on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With Jobscience CRM recruiting, you can capture and socialize data so your recruiting team can immediately begin working on it.

Lead Management:

With Jobscience software for staffing agencies, you can follow an inquiry from lead, to prospect, to account, to client. Sales executives have relationships to manage. They need the ability to log contracts, see placements they’ve made, and view the job orders they need to fulfill. Jobscience shows them all of these in one place.

Jobscience’s CRM recruiting software for staffing agencies offers inquiry (lead generation) forms into which prospective customers can provide information. Prospects’ contact information feeds directly into Jobscience, and sales can immediate follow up, schedule, and record contact touchpoints.

1-Click Conversion from Inquiry into Active Assignment:

Upon being awarded the opportunity to work on a specific job order, you can convert an inquiry into an account, contact and assignment record with no additional data entry.


Knowledge is power — and Jobscience gives you the ability to share it with your colleagues. In Jobscience, sales execs and recruiters can communicate with each other through a built-in, streaming feed. Got a great resume that you think another colleague would find valuable? Write them a public or private message like this: “Thought you might find this candidate a great fit for the Marketing Assistant job order – see resume file.”

Simply attach the file to the comment, and your colleague can immediately read and download it. This communication can work well within offices, and is especially effective between remote offices. It is this type of easy and friendly collaboration that will help your firm source and place candidates as methodically and efficiently as possible.


Get access to these great tools and learn how you can utilize the science of recruiting.

Start growing your business today.

  • Succeed anytime, anywhere.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile Integration.
  • Inquiry (lead generation) forms.
  • 1-Click Converstion.
  • Easy Collaboration.
  • Minimal Data Entry.