Candidate Sourcing Made Simple.

Searching for the right candidate for a job can feel as complex as a journey through space. Today, candidates can be hidden anywhere – browsing through countless online job boards, interacting on social media, or already entered into your current, but difficult to navigate ATS. Jobscience makes it easy to find candidates through our multiple candidate sourcing tools:

Candidate Search.

Search is one of the most essential skills for a recruiter, but today’s staffing software systems require users to be ultimate search experts to be effective. Jobscience PowerSearch instantly broadens the usability of candidate sourcing internal databases by making it easy for recruiters to search by contact information, skill, education, employer, or location. Want to get a closer look? Watch the [VIDEO]. Through our partnership with Daxtra, Jobscience also supports extended candidate search functionality including semantic matching, watch agents and third-party database search.

Web Sourcing.

Need to find additional candidates to add to sourcing project? Click once and Jobscience will source a candidate’s profiles on Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Twitter, and Facebook. You’ll get to know them pretty quickly.

Mobile Job Search Web App.

In addition to creating a custom look-and-feel job board where candidates can apply to jobs directly, Jobscience has also designed a brandable mobile web app job board that is ground breakingly easy for jobseekers to navigate. Catch jobseekers while the are on-the-go, to optimize both the recruiter and candidate’s time.

Branded Job Board.

The Job Board allows you to create a job listing page for your organization that looks and feels like the rest of your website. Candidates can apply directly to the jobs you post, or they can register and login later to view the status of the position, their personal application, and more. The job board makes candidate sourcing easy.

Post to Multiple Third Party Job Boards.

With one click, you can post your job listing to multiple job boards without having to log into each job board website. We’ve integrated with Broadbean, Idibu, and JobTarget in case you already have an account with them. With one click, your job listing will be published to all your selected boards, and you’ll receive notifications directly into Jobscience when anyone applies. You’ll also be able to track the source of the applications, and make data-driven decisions on where to make effective advertising spending: candidate sourcing simplified.

Web Sourcing
Web Sourcing

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