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Elements of Modern Staffing Software:

  • Sell

    Sales executives using Jobscience can succeed anytime, anywhere, every time. Auto-convert new business to job orders to ensure the fastest placements.

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  • Find

    Find candidates through web sourcing, PowerSearch-able internal databases, custom job boards, third party job boards, and more.

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  • Engage

    Relationships are core to staffing firm success, so we’ve built a centralized hub for all your candidate nurturing activities.

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  • Qualify

    Jobscience parses all types of resumes so you can view them in an easy to read, infographic-like, candidate user profile we call the jCard.

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  • Present

    Jobscience packages your candidate profiles into a clean, colorful, easy-to-read Presentation that you can send to clients.

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  • Place

    Don’t stop the momentum. Make day 1 about the new hire, not paperwork.

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  • Manage

    There should be no guesswork involved in your firm’s billing, invoicing, compliance, and timecard management.

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  • Measure & Optimize

    50 unique, shareable reports and recruiter activity dashboards, for remaining on target across all departments and personnel. Customize or create your own.

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  • Trust

    Built on Salesforce, the World’s #1 CRM platform, trusted with the most important data of 100K+ companies. Integrated with Salesforce1 Mobile so customers receive industry-leading mobile functionality.

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That’s The Science of Recruiting.

2 Most Powerful Recruiter Tools Now Combined.

Cross System Awareness Never Worked So Well.

Premier Talent Partners Customer Success

“We have been on our search to find the right database or CRM tool for about seven years… Finally… We don’t have to think about finding the right CRM tool because we have found it and we can move forward.”

– Matt Ruport | Premier Talent Partners COO



“Jobscience has proven to be a critical information management tool that gives us a single, clear picture of our business, from business development all the way through to candidate placement.” -CPL

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