Ensure your sustainable advantage in the industry with the right staffing software.

Differentiating your staffing agency is vital in a world where social
platforms like LinkedIn have shifted the staffing value proposition.
The right staffing software is a great first step for a staffing agency
to achieve its traditional ROI goals: reducing costs and increasing
benefits. However, ROI considerations alone are not enough for
today’s staffing environment.

“Differentiate or Dissolve,” the theme of 2014 SIA Executive Forum,
perfectly captures what staffing agencies are up against. ROI
for staffing software is no longer sufficient. Now, firms must also
concentrate on their sustainable advantage.

Without it, growth is impossible. Do you know the ROI of your recruitment solution?
This staffing ebook includes Sustainable Advantage Calculator.

What you need to be measuring:

  • Evaluating Your Firm’s Talent Pool
  • The Candidate Package
  • Reporting
  • Driving Adoption Internally
  • End-to-end
  • Wall-to-wall
  • Visibility

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