Bringing On New Software Is Like Onboarding A New Hire

An awesome applicant tracking or staffing software can transform operations within a staffing firm or internal recruiting team, allowing you to better manage candidate pipelines. However, it’s not a silver bullet. If you don’t have a strategic plan for implementing the software, it’s not as likely to be successful. A platform can have the potential to add great value, but it will never achieve return on investment if your staff doesn’t use it.

Since we’re in the recruiting realm, we liken implementing new applicant tracking software to onboarding a new hire. What do software and new hires have in common? Surprisingly enough, people are the common denominator in both situations. Employees need to be given the proper amount of time to adjust to new situations and new technology, otherwise, things may not go well. The human resources team would never throw a new hire to the dogs without proper training and onboarding, and there’s a good reason for that. According to Aberdeen, organizations with solid onboarding programs retain 86 percent of their staff, compared to 56 percent at companies who lack good strategies.

You need to onboard technology the way you would onboard a new hire.

The same thing happens with new software onboarding. A new platform, while it may streamline hiring and help your business grow, is unfamiliar at first. If managers don’t introduce staff to the new platform and make time for training, user adoption will suffer. The applicant tracking software is only as good as the people using it.

Like onboarding a new staff member, implementing new technology starts long before the new hire walks through the doors. Bringing in new technology is the same way. Make sure your software meets its greatest potential. Treat your applicant tracking software like the asset that it is.

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