Staffing has an Answer for the Gig Economy

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, MARCH 6, 2017 – Jobscience delivers an answer to the gig economy for the staffing Industry. Today, staffing companies face a new set of competitors as the likes of Uber and Fiverr force global leaders to rethink their model for managing a mobile workforce. Jobscience is meeting the market challenge with an agile and robust new Hiring Logistics Suite.

Built and delivered on the Salesforce platform, Hiring Logistics is a powerful, yet easy-to- use interface for managing, scheduling and recruiting employees. Staffing teams gain immediate visibility into the current utilization of talent and use scheduling tools powered by artificial intelligence to ensure they find employees with the right qualifications and availability to cover every shift. A mapping application makes it possible to manage more people in less time, revealing whether workers are on-site and their current status. Hiring Logistics provides clearly understandable visuals in a worker interface hosted on mobile devices that are ready for the gig economy. Your mobile workforce now has the capability to auto-generate work schedules and adjust availability in real time.

The suite streamlines formerly time-consuming processes and provides valuable insights as planning, payroll, hiring, compliance and data tools all come together to maximize efficiency. Jobscience EMEA Managing Director, Matt Hill explains, “By using Hiring Logistics, we are saving customers time. For example an average of 8 hours a week is being saved from the time that used to be required to schedule work. The efficiency gain allows recruiters the ability to focus on filling more roles and spending more time building relationships with people.”

“Hiring Logistics is ideal for matching workers to the right roles,” said Jobscience CEO Ted Elliott. “Users are already seeing amazing results.” Integrated with Salesforce and leveraging artificial intelligence to make better matches, the Jobscience Logistics Hiring Suite will prepare staffing agencies to take on the gig economy.

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