Broadlook Data Quality Suite Enhances Jobscience Experience.

Broadlook helps recruiters take advantage of the vast amount of data available on the Internet, while keeping that data fresh and clean with their solutions. With the RingLead/Broadlook partnership, you can turn data into actionable information, quickly and efficiently.

Broadlook Technologies’ experience in the recruiting space led them to develop a solution that delivers greater efficiency when searching for candidates. In collaboration with RingLead, a leader in data quality, contact data is clean and rid of duplicates and bad data. Together, these tools automate the search process, allowing you to spend more time on the phone.

Recruiters use Broadlook software to:
  • Discover opportunities and industry trends by monitoring job boards and company websites.
  • Download contacts found on the Internet into your Applicant Tracking System or CRM.
  • Capture candidates from associations, corporate websites, forums, blogs, and news articles.


Mine the Internet for fresh contact data

Profiler is the only application of its kind that can quickly identify a company’s web footprint, searching company web pages, news articles, directories, SEC filings, social networks, and more, to locate fresh and relevant contact data.  The intelligent web scraping and parsing technology identifies key personnel and their job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and much more.
Profiler displays all the contacts found from the desired company in a neat and easy-to-read Visualforce component in Salesforce. From there, you can target your specific prospects with all the necessary contact information.

  • Integrates directly into your CRM
  • Updates and discovers contact data from the Internet
  • Automate your research and generation of new sales leads
  • Contact data may include names, job titles, emails, bios, LinkedIn addresses, and more!
  • The data is current, relevant and can be used to enhance your current CRM data


“Profiler is a robust tool that helps me work leanly. In the last two months, I’ve placed six candidates in $100K-type positions. I presented these candidates within five days, using Profiler as my research engine.”

-Bob Spencer

Data Shield.

Seamlessly enforce data standards

Data Shield is a data standards firewall that protects your CRM or marketing automation platform from non-standard data. It provides you with the opportunity to standardize all the information imported into your CRM. For example, there are many different ways to write the title “Marketing Director” (Director of Marketing, Marketing Director, Dir Mktg.) and if it isn’t standardized, segmentation will be a nightmare.

  • Standardize all possible variations of titles, names and other common data
  • Keep a healthier database and run more effective campaigns allowing your team to work more efficiently
  • Customize your data formatting in your CRM with a flexible enforcement scheme

Data Shield

“If you have a customer who left you and then reengaged two years later, the system would ordinarily count the registrant as a new lead. Ringlead has helped us to avoid this and instead pair that individual’s historical data together with his or her new information as well.”

– Jeff Shearer


The sales enablement tool you have been dreaming about.

Capture is a Google Chrome plugin that makes prospect research a breeze. With a few clicks you can capture company and contact information from web pages, social profiles and search engine result pages and then auto-magically append additional contact information from all across the web.

Save Time

Sales reps spend 25% of each day researching prospects. With Capture, prospect research is shaved down to a few seconds making your sales team drastically more efficient.

Save Money

Stop wasting your time and budget on stale lead lists. With Capture, you’re getting contact information from the best, most up-to-date information source in the universe: the internet.

Supercharge Sales

Capture allows you to build highly targeted lists with freshly harvested contact information. Are you ready to leapfrog your competitors?

Easy Installation

Capture is a Google Chrome extension and installs quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Get started with free installation.

Email Verification

Capture identifies email addresses and with built-in email verification technology you can be confident that your finely crafted message gets delivered.

Salesforce Integration

Easily create or update Leads and Contacts in the world’s leading cloud CRM, Salesforce.


“My first impression of Capture is WOW. This will make our recruitment cycle quicker, easier, and more efficient for our clients. We already use some of the Broadlook tools and this is going to be a great addition.”

 – Cassandra

“As a tech person looking for tools that will help me with sourcing and recruiting, I’ve specifically looked for something like this. Honestly, I’m at the [NAPS 2014] convention, and there’s not a single thing that impresses me except for [Capture].”

– Brandon

Get access to these great tools and learn how you can utilize the science of recruiting.

Start increasing customer & candidate acquisition productivity today.

  • Easy to implement add-ons to Jobscience.
  • Mine the internet for fresh contact data.
  • Seamlessly enforce data standards.
  • Make prospect research a breeze through your Google Chrome browser

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