Uncommon Schools Taps Jobscience’s Agile Applicant Tracking Platform to Align its Recruiting Efforts for 40 Schools

Jobscience has enabled Uncommon Schools to successfully organize, track and report on over 16,000 applications for 40 schools in five regions during the past year. By using Jobscience’s flexible applicant tracking framework, Uncommon Schools has significantly increased transparency into recruitment through the ability to share specific metrics and dashboards with various types of stakeholders.

Transparency is the new competitive-edge and has become critical to success in business today,” said Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience. “Leading companies are realizing that an open, connected organization makes better decisions and moves the company forward faster — staying ahead of the competition. At Jobscience, we realize the high value of transparency in recruitment and have created a system that can provide recruiters, sourcers, hiring mangers, c-level executives, board members, investors and partners with real-time insights that drive decisions about the most important asset of the business – the people.”

Uncommon Schools
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“We have thousands of applicants per year applying for positions in teaching, leadership and support staff roles,” said Kara Maguire, Director of Recruitment at Uncommon Schools. “We needed a way to track data and organize all of the applicants across dozens of schools that span five regions. We found other systems to be ‘hopped up’ Excel with little nuance and complicated to teach new users how to effectively use.”

“Jobscience is an intuitive and agile recruiting system that leverages the scalability of the Salesforce1 platform and has social media capabilities that will enable us to stay on the cutting-edge of recruiting.”

– Kara Maguire | Director of Recruitment at Uncommon Schools

“Jobscience is an intuitive and agile recruiting software that leverages the scalability of the Salesforce1 platform and has social media capabilities that will enable us to stay on the cutting-edge of recruiting,” added Maguire. “We have found Jobscience to be an effective system for organizing and warehousing all candidate data in a searchable format with functionality that makes reporting to different stakeholders easier. With Jobscience, our principals and stakeholders have real-time visibility into multiple stages of the recruiting process.”

Uncommon Schools is a nonprofit network of public charter schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The organization starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Schools within the Uncommon network are modeled on some of the highest-performing urban public charter schools in the country. Uncommon Schools share the following key attributes: a college preparatory mission; high standards for academics and character; a highly structured learning environment; a longer school day and a longer school year; a focus on accountability and data-driven instruction; and a faculty of committed and talented leaders and teachers.

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