Strategic IT Staffing’s Investment in Jobscience
Helps Double Its Staff in Two Years

Strategic IT Staffing is a leading provider of IT staff augmentation solutions. With customers ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, Strategic understands the ever-increasing need for talented professionals in the workplace. The team provides clients with contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire recruiting services. Strategic IT makes 240-290 direct placements per year, and has 180 contractors in the field each month.

Jody Hilton is the CEO, founder, and sole owner of Strategic IT, a nationwide staffing firm that he founded in 2006. Jody began his career in engineering, and started Strategic IT after selling his own IT company. Strategic IT focuses solely on placing candidates with IT backgrounds. So what makes Strategic IT a great place to work for? Jody explains: “It’s an exciting, fun, innovative company with a bunch of amazing people to work with. And we have a great time doing what we all love to do: helping individuals find amazing jobs.”

Strategic IT Staffing
Company: Strategic IT Staffing
Joined: 2008
Industry: Staffing

Jody is a dynamic CEO, involved in all aspects of his business – especially its technology. Strategic IT started off with the use of manila folders, the team stacking resumes into piles according to their status. The team also worked remotely, with employees scattered across different regions. Their manual processes of managing candidates, and decentralized knowledge about candidates’ current engagements resulted in frustration. They needed a way to bring themselves – and their knowledge base – together. Adopting a centralized recruitment system allowed all recruiters to tap into the intelligence around each candidate, truly making their candidate database a highly valued marketing asset.

The Strategic IT team began to search for a system to manage their agency needs. Their main focus was to make things as automated, streamlined, and efficient as possible. Jody spoke to other Jobscience customers who highly recommended the software.

From initial implementation in 2008, Jody was impressed with Jobscience account executives, tech support, and CEO Ted Elliott, who he describes as brilliant, creative, and always willing to discuss Strategic IT’s wish lists.

“That which is measured, improves.”

– Jody Hilton | Founder and CEO of Strategic IT Staffing

With an ecosystem of recruiters, salespeople, and admins, it was necessary for Strategic IT to have a unifying software for all its processes. The team uses Jobscience for resume parsing, candidate PowerSearch, calculating sales commissions, obtaining and reviewing references, social media job postings, submittals, offers, onboarding and much more.

One of Jobscience’s greatest contributions to Strategic IT is its custom reporting. The team gathers all its data and puts it into “amazing reports” on number of job orders and their related to candidate records. Jody can track how many jobs orders are needed to meet Strategic IT’s goals, and can also calculate the average time to fill. With Jobscience, the team can also determine how many candidates to send over to a client — or to interview — in order to fill a position. “It is impossible to run a company without this information,” explains Jody. “And we couldn’t get these reports without Jobscience. That which is measured, improves.”

For Jody, the proof truly came in the numbers. In 2009, Strategic IT was identified by the Sacramento Business Times as the 10th fastest growing company in Sacramento. Last year it still came in at 38th. Speaking to his success, Jody remarked: “Big companies keep asking us how we do it. We do so much more, and we blow away the competition because we’re the best. But we need Jobscience in order to be the best.”