ReNEW Schools improves the Candidate Experience with Cloud-Based Hiring Software

In 2010, ReNEW Schools took over two elementary schools in New Orleans that were run by the state department of education. Now in 2014, with five schools under their charter management organization, ReNEW’s mission is to turn around the lowest performing schools in New Orleans to ensure students are getting a rigorous, pre-college education and preparing them for the future.

ReNEW measures their success against students’ performance, and since the network’s founding, they have seen more than a doubling of students considered “college ready”— an increase from 20% “college ready” before ReNEW to over 50% in just three years.

Do more with less

In the beginning, ReNEW’s Chief of Staff and the CEO were the primary recruiters, and they hired approximately 200 staff using an email and paper-based recruitment and application system.

ReNEW Schools
Company: ReNEW Schools
Joined: 2010
Industry: Education

Alexander Pearlman, Executive Director of Operations said, “In September 2010, we knew we were going to take over another three schools and we needed a system that would allow us to scale our recruitment. That was one of the reasons we turned to Jobscience.”

“The goal for the 2011-2012 school year was to hire 150 new and replacement staff with only one recruiter. Having Jobscience’s automated hiring software allowed us to process candidates a lot faster and ensure that we were able to retain the highest quality candidates in our process without fearing that we’d lose them in the weeds,” said Pearlman. Today ReNEW has a four-person Human Capital team, all of whom are leveraging Jobscience more advanced features and recruitment workflows.

“We are hiring for every position across the organization through Jobscience, from teachers and leaders to the support staff in our finance and IT departments.”

– Gabrielle Misfeldt | Director of Human Capital

Create an online experience for job seekers

Pearlman described what prompted ReNEW to move to Jobscience’s integrated applicant tracking system & CRM, noting, “Back in 2010, we were trying to progress in two main areas. First was to move to a paperless system and the second was to design a central HR information system. As a start-up organization, we had people making hiring decisions left and right and there was no centralized communication workflow between our hiring managers and HR. Jobscience enabled us to streamline the process and to improve the experience for the candidate at the same time.”

“On average, we receive 400-500 applications per month across a wide range of skill sets,” said Pearlman. “New Orleans is a small city so a lot of stuff happens by who you know and with whom you’re connected to. We just hired a new Executive Director of Operations from New York. We posted the opportunity to our online job board, powered by Jobscience. If ReNEW did not have an online presence,  we could have potentially missed her or the connection may not have been made quick enough,” said Pearlman.

“We knew we were going to take over another three schools and we needed a system that would allow us to scale our systems. That was one of the reasons we turned to Jobscience.”

– Alexander Pearlman | Executive Director of Operations

Use a comprehensive database for staff and candidates

Jobscience’s robust hiring software features allow ReNEW to access and collect information on current staff. For example, ReNEW enabled Jobscience to communicate with another database, which collects teachers’ performance information. “We measure how teachers are doing in the classroom and look at ways we can develop them, and integrating our systems helps us to very easily link employees’ Jobscience contact record and give us an excellent overview of current staff,” said Misfeldt.

“Having access to such a rich database allows us to have the information we need at our fingertips,” said Pearlman.

ReNEW Schools has seen recruiting success with Jobscience. Find out how it can help your recruiting by viewing a demo here.

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