“Our transition to Jobscience ATS Software has been the best decision that we have ever made.”

– Sara Menke | Premier Staffing CEO

“Our transition to Jobscience, has been the best decision that we have ever made.”

– Sara Menke | Premier Staffing CEO

Premier Staffing
Company: Premier Staffing
Joined: 2013
Industry: Professional Staffing
Website: www.pstaffing.com

Before the adoption of Jobscience ATS Software in 2013, Premier Staffing relied on non-online, paper heavy Staffing processes. It was not automated, it was not optimized and what’s worse, it was unreliable. This was unacceptable for a top performing Staffing Firm with over 16 years of experience. “We had been on a search to find the right database tool for about 7 years”, said Premier Staffing COO, Matt Ruport. To get Premier Staffing to the next level and allow them to really focus on customer service and staffing operations, something had to be done quickly.

“Jobscience is a critical tool to our recruiting process. It helps my team manage, track, share, and just work more efficiently. We would be lost without it!” 

– Katie O’Brien | Account Director

In 2013 Premier Staffing discovered Jobscience ATS Software and quickly transitioned over to Jobscience’s automated staffing solution. The results allowed them to be completely paperless and focus on what they do best. “Our transition to jobscience, has been one of the best decisions we have ever made”, Premier Staffing CEO Sara Menke said candidly. Jobscience has given Premier Staffing the tools they need, “which allows us to work with speed and accuracy, never compromising the quality”, said Sara Menke.

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