CodeScience’s Strategic Growth
Demands an Accelerated Solution — Jobscience.

CodeScience’s Project-Based, Strategic Growth
Demands an Accelerated Solution — Jobscience.

CodeScience is a team of seasoned Salesforce experts specializing in building products for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) that launch products on the Salesforce AppExchange. The Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) practice at CodeScience is a proven team of Salesforce experts who can accelerate time to market for an app by more than 40%. Because they’re passionate about helping businesses harness the power of Salesforce; they run hard, fail fast, and always deliver. Building a Salesforce product for thousands of customers is radically different than customizing a single instance of Salesforce. CodeScience assists clients from the design stage to development, to security review to support, and shepherding through the ISV life cycle.

Most companies don’t have deep, in-house expertise. CodeScience lives and breathes every day and their PDO practices help customers avoid common pitfalls when bringing their ideas to life on the AppExchange.

With this in mind, the type of candidates CodeScience targets are a very niche group of experienced Salesforce architects, product managers and developers.

In the last year, CodeScience’s challenge of doubling each year meant a core competency in recruiting had to be developed. That meant maturing the people, the process and the tools so a twenty-person company could recruit like an 80+ person company. Jobscience made it so the tool part of that equation was a simple purchase: one that fit well with the company’s core competency in development.

Frustrated with working off shared spreadsheets, the team decided it was time for a single solution. CodeScience’s familiarity with Salesforce drew them to Jobscience, which is built on the Salesforce platform – the world’s #1 Cloud CRM. Director of Recruiting, Rick Blagg, is the CodeScience team’s heaviest user of Jobscience. Firstly, he uses Jobscience’s Resume Power to bring multiple resumes into the company’s candidate database:

Company: CodeScience
Joined: 2014
Industry: Professional Services

“It really helps to bring in several resumes at once as opposed to one at a time. Whichever way I bring candidates into the system, it’s very impressive how accurately Jobscience auto-populates the candidate’s profile. It’s rare for me to make an adjustment or correction.”

– Rick Blagg | Director of Recruiting, CodeScience

Rick also uses Jobscience’s LinkedIn Recruiter Integration to obtain additional information about the applicants, including candidate photos that he can add to their profiles.

Jobscience Reports are another integral aspect of CodeScience’s recruiting process: “Some of the reports are very helpful and are used in our weekly recruiting meetings, including candidate lists in process and priority lists for each of our open positions,” explains Rick.

Jobscience has run in parallel to the team’s strategic growth approach by streamlining the interview process so candidates are available as needed. Adjusting requisitions and re-posting to CodeScience’s branded Careers Job Board (included with Jobscience) has also been quick and easy for Rick.

Regarding the Jobscience implementation process, Director of Operations Cassie Courtney expressed:

“With our knowledge of the Salesforce platform, we were able to move our license to Enterprise, which allowed us to create a custom app – giving us the ability to create some custom features such as our internally developed custom interview Visualforce page that allows for collaborative note-sharing on candidate interviews. The implementation team responded very well to our request and made the license type we needed a possibility. “

CodeScience met with the Jobscience team to share their feedback, as well as their new interview notes feature:

“The Jobscience team really embraced CodeScience’s information share on the custom interview object we created in our own Salesforce org. You know you are working with a great team and an exceptional product, when you can quickly set up a meeting with the technical stakeholders and your case study is well received. It’s evident that the team at Jobscience is committed to providing an excellent product to all of their customers.”

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