Future-Proof Recruitment Technology Is Instrumental
To Winning New Business & Effectively Delivering RPO Services.

Hudson RPO is recognized year after year as a top recruitment process outsource provider, with the vision of being the leading global provider of professional level RPO solutions, offering world class people, processes and technology and cutting edge HR research and development. Lachlan Stott, Systems and Reporting Manager at Hudson RPO in Melbourne, Australia, shared Hudson RPO’s experiences with the Jobscience product.

Why Clients Choose an RPO

There are several reasons companies choose an RPO model for recruitment. This can be cost reduction, a need for better scalability and service or the need to reduce the time it takes to find candidates and improve the quality of people hired. RPO clients have access to a much larger team of recruiters with various specialties, helping to place candidates with very specific skills.

Lachlan manages Hudson’s configured version of Jobscience, which Hudson has rebranded to its global customers and prospects as InGenium. When clients engage Hudson, they are in one of three situations: they want to continue using their existing ATS, they are dissatisfied with their current ATS and want to switch, or they don’t have an ATS at all.

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Company: Hudson RPO
Joined:  2012
Industry: Staffing
Website:  hudsonrpo.com

Why Jobscience Helps Hudson Win More Business

Lachlan has found many clients choose Hudson as their RPO provider not just because of their outstanding track record of RPO delivery but also because they are enticed by the recruitment technology that Hudson recommends: Jobscience (InGenium). About half of Hudson’s RPO clients choose Hudson’s InGenium for the following reasons:

  • Configurability & Flexibility: While many ATS providers lack reporting — or overcharge for new custom reports and fields — Jobscience allows customization of “pretty much everything,” and is completely adaptable to Hudson’s varying clientele. “Every client has different policies and procedures, but many ATS’s have no options and companies that use them are left with no choices.”
  • Scalability: Hudson RPO cites Jobscience as being able to work for many organizations, regardless of their size and number of staff. Since Jobscience is in the cloud, it is accessible from any location at any time, allowing for communication across remote offices.
  • Data Security: Many prospects don’t need to hear much more about Jobscience after they learn that the software is built on salesforce.com. “No further questions” is the common response to a platform known for its robust privacy, disaster recovery, and uptime. Clients instantly feel at ease knowing that their valuable data is in good hands.

“All of Hudson’s clients care about mobile and social media capability.”

– Lachlan Stott | Systems and Reporting Manager at Hudson RPO

When compared with the recruitment technology that Hudson’s competitors are offering, Jobscience is rated as the superior technology of any proposal. The top 3 stakeholders — candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers — all have very positive interactions with the product. Lachlan discussed more specific aspects of Jobscience that his clients appreciate:

Real-Time Reporting – While many ATS’s require hours for reports to be updated with an organization’s most current data (often at an extra cost), Jobscience needs only seconds to present managers with up to the minute, decision-enabling information.

Mobile & Social – “All of [Hudson’s] clients care about mobile and social media capability,” making Jobscience’s social sourcing and marketing tools — and cloud mobile access — a great fit.

Hudson as an Employer

Lachlan speaks highly of Hudson as an employer, noting its “really great team environment.” Employees feel the power of the team even though they may be in separate geographic locations. Hudson offers autonomy and flexibility, and is supportive at whichever life stage an employee may be.

Hudson RPO’s success demonstrates the power of the Jobscience platform to work for any type of recruitment model, whether traditional staffing, executive search, temporary/contractor, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Its foundational elements – CRM functionality, applicant tracking, security, and analytics – allow effective recruitment decisions to be made, time and time again.