Bradley Harris & Associates Chooses Jobscience Over Bullhorn
To Hire the Best in Elder Care

Bradley Harris & Associates specializes in finding talent for Assisted Living communities. After searching for the ideal senior living home for his own family member, recruiter Bradley Harris was inspired to help others – by hiring the right people to care for them. He first started a company that helped place residents within assisted living homes across the US; Senior Transitions was a nationwide referral service that was later acquired by RealPage in 2013. Then, he naturally fell into recruiting when a colleague requested that he find them the perfect match for an Assisted Living community position. From that point forward, recruiting became his passion, and he eventually decided to start his own boutique staffing company.

This market segment is consistently in need of specialized, qualified staff. “People are living within a business,” explained Harris. He cannot afford to make the wrong hires when medical errors can affect the elders’ health.

Understanding the importance of staffing software, Harris created his own ad-hoc CRM (customer relationship management) system. Soon, however, he didn’t feel he had a tool powerful enough to scale his business, with the recruiting industry growing by leaps and bounds. And although he had only two recruiters working on his team, he felt that resumes were being filed in too many different places, and that he had no visibility into his organization. He needed an online recruitment software.

Harris considered Jobscience and other ATS systems such as Bullhorn: “If you shred a bunch of paper, throw it up into the air, and it lands – that’s Bullhorn. I was looking for something cleaner, on the Salesforce platform, with ease of use, and more systematic in nature. Jobscience was the winner solution.”

Bradley Harris & Associates
Company: Bradley Harris & Associates
Joined: 2011
Industry: Staffing

Harris was drawn to the fact that Jobscience is built on the World’s #1 CRM platform, He wanted a software on Salesforce because his team was familiar with it, and liked the look and feel.

Jobscience is now the center of the whole team’s work, every day. Everyone on the team must come into work in the morning and sign into Jobscience. Each recruiter has their “daily dashboard” emailed to them with indicators that help them understand their goals and how close they are to meeting them. There is no retaining notes outside of it; Harris has always been clear that the team must document everything within Jobscience.

Harris also appreciates the Jobscience Skills Rating feature, which allows his team to rate exactly how qualified candidates are for the tasks at hand. He additionally uses Jobscience to source, connect, and deliver leads, tracking from where and when submissions come in. Jobscience’s multiple custom workflows and automated responses come in handy.

“If you shred a bunch of paper, throw it up into the air, and it lands – that’s Bullhorn. I was looking for something cleaner, on the Salesforce platform, with ease of use, and more systematic in nature. Jobscience was the winner”

– Bradley Harris | Founder and CEO of Bradley Harris & Associates

Harris is also a fan of Jobscience’s PowerSearch tool, which makes for an easier, less boolean way to find candidates in their internal database when a job order comes in.

Jobscience’s reports are not only valuable for individual recruiters, but they also allow Harris to see the bigger picture. With a couple clicks, he knows exactly how many job orders he needs to book a certain amount of revenue within any specific time period.

Harris and his team do not just leave their work at the office computer. They leverage Jobscience’s mobile app. They are able to connect with a candidate right away when they’re traveling, sending emails out from their iPhones or iPads. Chatter is also a huge part of how the company communicates internally.

Jobscience has allowed Bradley Harris and Associates to grow from a two-person shop into a successful, specialized boutique staffing firm that has changed the lives of elders and their families across the United States. The team has filled jobs from the like of C-level directors, to nurses, to sales representatives at various senior living communities across the US & Canada. Jobscience has directly contributed to Bradley Harris’ initial vision, and continues to drive future growth.