Achievement First Switches from iCims to Jobscience,
Improves Automated Reporting & Candidate Engagement

Achievement First Switches from iCims to Jobscience,

Improves Automated Reporting & Candidate Engagement

Achievement First is a non-profit, charter school management organization that operates 29 public charter schools in Brooklyn, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. It was started 1998 when a group of New Haven founders came together with a clear goal in mind: to prove that urban students can achieve at the same high levels as their affluent suburban counterparts.

Confronted by the popular attitude that demographics were destiny, they decided that the best way to address the problem was to change the system. Over the last 10 years, Achievement First has produced Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) results that have shattered the notion that “those kids can’t learn.”

Despite these successes, Achievement First’s team of recruiters faced these challenges:

  • Building a scalable recruiting platform with extensive automated recruiting technology
  • Measuring the success of outreach efforts used to create the candidate pipeline for open positions
  • Need for user-friendly reporting so that recruiters could easily see a snapshot of their recruitment efforts
  • End-to-end reporting on all steps of recruiting cycle
  • Transitioning from a legacy recruiting technology

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Custom Dashboards & Reporting

“Prior to Jobscience, we used external applications to gather application and survey responses. We’ve now aggregated all of that data collection within Jobscience, making reporting and analyses more efficient! ”

– Kerri-Ann Nesbeth | Sr. Recruitment Data and Strategy Coordinator at Achievement First

Achievement First had been using another applicant tracking software (iCims) that was not providing the tools necessary to eliminate their pain points. They decided to implement Jobscience, customizing the recruiting technology to fit their recruiting process. The team:

  • Customized the structure of their Jobscience candidate database to support their reporting wishes
  • Automated notifications to both the candidate and recruiting side in order to streamline communication
  • Developed custom forms to simplify data input, aggregating application and survey responses data within Jobscience. (This has made their reporting and analysis much more efficient. Prior to Jobscience, they used external applications to gather data).

Achievement First’s decision to install Jobscience has resulted in:

  • Reporting now primarily automated with few manual tasks
  • Recruiting process now streamlined
  • Automated, trackable correspondence vs. copy-pasting the same email copy repeatedly
  • Recruiters able to focus on recruiting vs. manually logging candidate correspondence
  • Workflow rules capturing more complete and accurate data without manual administrator interventions.
  • Jobscience’s social collaboration tool, Chatter, helps Achievement First employees share candidate profiles with each other, as well as new features they’ve discovered and updates on system improvements.

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