Behind the Scenes: When Artificial Intelligence becomes Artificial Assistance

Nolan Gray Artificial Intelligence, Products & Technology

Do you enjoy being told what to do? I didn’t think so.

Did you enjoy your experience at a world-class resort hotel? As the Vice President of Product Development with Jobscience, I have had the opportunity to travel and meet with top recruitment professionals from all over the globe. These experts knew the best restaurants, the best time of day to visit attractions, and they knew about all the gems tucked away from tourist provision. They anticipate every question before you ask. They make you feel at home. More importantly, they save you time … and money.

So, what does this have to do with AI? What is Artificial Assistance?

With self-driving cars and virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri coming to life, AI has wandered its way back into the spotlight. The average consumer probably does not notice that companies like Amazon and Google are making these complex technologies available to companies like Jobscience. What you also might not know is that Jobscience has already started to incorporate some of these techniques into our current and future development.

When most companies use AI techniques in their products, they make it the centerpiece of their offering. The product tells you what to do. It analyzes the situation and makes the best choices for you. That is literally telling you what to do.

Our mission over the next few releases of Jobscience is to use these powerful AI tools and techniques to anticipate what our users need and to provide choices that save time and energy. We want to provide our users with Artificial Assistance. It should never be hard to source the perfect candidate for a job and move them through the hiring process. Watch out for these improvements over the next few releases. You will notice.