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Use Your HR Software to Automate Your Off-boarding

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Just as recruiting and onboarding are important business functions, so too are off-boarding, resignations and terminations. Off-boarding may not seem as critical since the staffers in questions are breaking up with you (or you with them). But in fact, no matter what the circumstances of your split, like it or not, your ex-employees have the power to be brand detractors or brand ambassadors and it’s the latter you want!

Here’s how you can use your HR software to automate off-boarding:

#1 Initial Notification  It’s usually the front line managers who first know there’s a resignation or termination. Access to a tool like Jobscience Managing empowers managers to trigger certain actions including notification to critical stakeholders about the end of a staffer’s employment. From there, automated actions and messaging can be triggered to get the off-boarding ball rolling.

#2 Reclaiming Assets  Often, your staffers will have equipment that belongs to your firm that you need to recover. If you’ve logged into your HR software what devices were issued – laptop, smartphone, company car and other assets – you’ll easily know what must be reclaimed. Soon-to-be-ex employees are usually pretty good about returning items but an automated reminder can help them recall what all they have. This is a great way to automate some of your off-boarding tasks.

Recover employer assets in off-boarding

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#3 Restricting Access  Depending on the circumstances of the separation, different actions need to be taken. Establishing a system of termination codes can trigger certain actions depending on whether it’s for cause, a leave of absence, resignation or retirement. The use of a “for cause” code can then trigger your HR software to send an automated message to IT to suspend system access immediately.

#4 Remind of Non-Competes  For people in sales, client relations and other critical departments, they may have signed a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement when they were hired. By storing these documents digitally in your HR software, you can send them to the separating employee. These will be requested by future employers to avoid liability and will no doubt want to be reviewed by your departing staffer as part of their off-boarding.

Offboarding concerns

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#5 Setting Up the Exit Interview  When someone leaves your firm, for whatever reason, there is valuable information to be gleaned and the opportunity to improve your processes and get your ex relationship off on the right foot. Even when a termination is for cause, this is a chance to keep the final interactions positive so that your former staffer stays a brand ambassador rather than a detractor. This is one of the main reasons off-boarding is so critical.

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