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Jobscience Amplify: LinkPoint360

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Jobscience is excited to announce a new initiative called Amplify. In this series, we take a few minutes to call out Jobscience partners and educate Jobscience users on best practices, as well as share a few great tools to help you get more out of the Jobscience platform.

Up first is LinkPoint360, an email to CRM integration. Its tagline is "Save time. Work efficiently. Close more deals." And the platform does just that. We all know email is as central to staffing as applicant tracking software. LinkPoint​360 syncs the two solutions to make work processes more seamless.

"Save time, work efficiently and close more deals with LinkPoint360."

Robbie Herd, partner and programs manager at Jobscience, recently had a conversation with Glenn Lehner, chief business development officer at LinkPoint360. Here are some of the things we have to share about LinkPoint360: 

Inbox features
LinkPoint360 pulls information from the Jobscience platform right into a sidebar in Outlook so all the information you need to know about a specific candidate is right in front of your eyes – without having to click away from your inbox. You get immediate access to employment history, contact information and even previous communications with the candidate.

LinkPoint's goal is to make your workflows as easy as possible, so it utilizes a number of icons you can click on for productivity features:

  • Go to Jobscience: While you may want to spend your whole afternoon browsing Outlook, sometimes you need to return to Jobscience. Luckily, you can do that with one click of a button from your inbox and go directly to the Jobscience profile of the candidate in question.
  • Record an email: LinkPoint provides an easy way to sync emails directly to the candidate's profile. It's important to be able to quickly access any pertinent information for each candidate, but email conversations often go unrecorded in Jobscience. LinkPoint360 makes it incredibly easy to record all interactions into the CRM.
  • Record a call: Not only can you easily record emails to your CRM, but you can quickly record notes from telephone conversations too. It's easy to forget to add your call notes to Jobscience, but the record a call button quickly pulls up the log screen in Jobscience so you can enter notes as you talk or directly after the conversation.
LinkPoint 360 and Jobscience staffing software LinkPoint360 syncs data from Jobscience to your inbox.

Another crucial tool for staffing firms is the calendar where you schedule conversations with candidates. As with emails, LinkPoint360 allows users to sync meetings with specific candidates, so these events show up in the candidate's record on Jobscience. If you update the event, the changes are reflected in Jobscience and vice versa.

Better than free plug-in
While Salesforce comes with a free plug-in to integrate email and its CRM, LinkPoint360 is a much more effective option, for a number of reasons:

  • It's made for Jobscience: LinkPoint360 is designed with Jobscience in mind, which means the synchronization between the two platforms is unmatched. It also supports any email server you might use.
  • Innovation: LinkPoint introduces new features frequently. According to Lehner, LinkPoint360 will soon unroll an email tracking feature that will tell recruiters when candidates opened their emails and whether they opened it more than once.
  • Technical support: LinkPoint provides excellent support to clients and helps them get the most out of their solutions.

LinkPoint360 creates tools to help staffing recruiters work more quickly and efficiently. Jobscience also loves the solution because it increases user adoption of your CMS platform and helps ensure all the relevant candidate information you need is in one place.

View the video or visit LinkPoint360 to learn more!

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