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Jobscience Amplify: Featuring Ebsta

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Welcome to the second installment of Jobscience Amplify, a program that highlights best practices and partners to help companies get the most out of their applicant tracking software. For our second conversation, we talked to Ebsta, an integration solution for Jobscience, LinkedIn and Gmail. While relatively new to the scene, Ebsta already has 30,000 users, which means about 10,000 companies currently utilize the app.

Robbie Herd, partners and programs manager at Jobscience, chatted with Bernhard Peters, vice president of sales and business development at Ebsta​, to learn more about this productivity tool. Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation:

What is Ebsta?
Ebsta is a simple browser extension app that brings customer relationship management to users no matter where they are online. Ebsta provides an integration for any Salesforce user, but the company got its start in recruitment and staffing, which remains a central part of its business. Ebsta noticed recruiters have the same problem: They perform many different activities, which all take place on separate websites. As a result, recruiters constantly switch back and forth between different platforms, for instance, LinkedIn, email and job boards.

"Ebsta makes Jobscience an omnipresent system."

Ebsta makes Jobscience an omnipresent system for recruiters and increases chances of success. It's easy-to-use and quick to download and brings a pocket-sized version of Jobscience's platform to the user on every website.

LinkedIn and job boards
Recruiters spend a lot of time on LinkedIn hunting for the perfect candidate. If a recruiter happens to click on a candidate with a history in Jobscience, Ebsta pulls up the candidate record. Recruiters can see any tasks, activities, events and conversations relevant to candidates before reaching out to them. It's also possible to update the record right from LinkedIn.

Ebsta has the same functionality for job boards like CareerBuilder or Monster. Recruiters can visit candidate records on any job board and see the same Jobscience records come up.

As Peters pointed out, Ebsta couldn't call its solution omnipresent unless it brought extra productivity to the user's inbox as well. Ebsta integrates with Gmail to add a number of functionalities right with the email client. These are a few of Ebsta's email-specific features:

  • Notifications: Ebsta includes an icon next to email messages that refer to specific records in Jobscience, allowing recruiters to quickly triage their inboxes.
  • Add to CRM: Recruiters can quickly add an email to Jobscience using a handy button embedded in the message. The extension even allows recruiters to submit a candidate to a job directly through email.
  • Templates: Ebsta populates Gmail with a number of Jobscience templates to increase adoption of these resources and make life easier for recruiters.
  • Email tracking: Due to popular demand from customers, Ebsta added an email tracking feature, which informs recruiters when candidates open their emails and even whether the messages are opened on a desktop or mobile device.
Make applicant tracking software more efficient with Ebsta. Make applicant tracking software more efficient with Ebsta.

No productivity tool would be complete without a calendar feature, and Ebsta does not fall short. Using the app, recruiters can sync their Gmail calendars with Jobscience to avoid double​-booking or missing an important meeting.

Coming soon
Like any great company, Ebsta consistently innovates. The company will soon roll out another email function that automatically populates email history in Jobscience. This way, even if recruiters miss connecting an email to the CRM once in a while, the correspondence will still be available. The feature is also useful for maintaining ongoing placements when a recruiter leaves. Look out for the new feature around Dreamforce this year.

Learn more about Ebsta by visiting its website or watching the video.

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