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Turning Hiring Challenges into Opportunities with AI

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The employment landscape has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, thanks to developments like the rise of the gig economy and technology-driven changes in how workers find jobs. Human resources specialists and staffing agencies face an array of challenges in consistently finding great employees to fill open positions. Fortunately, with advanced tools and forward-looking strategies, they can overcome those obstacles and position themselves at the forefront of the enterprise.

Recruitment software that draws on the ever-expanding capabilities of artificial intelligence offers hiring professionals the means to meet today’s challenges and find the talent needed to bring their organizations into the future. Equipped with the latest in data science, they can capture opportunities and push their businesses toward sustainable growth. As market conditions continue to change, smart, agile recruitment is only becoming more important to leading the way in business.

Identifying qualified candidates is difficult

“Business leaders say there are no applicants with the necessary skills.”

At the end of June 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were 6.2 million unfilled jobs, a record high that showed little change over the following month. In many cases, business leaders say there are simply no applicants who have the necessary skills to take on these roles. Under these conditions, it can be tough for hiring professionals to find people who have the right education and experience for important positions.

However, advancements in AI can make the process of finding high-quality candidates far smoother. With an automated matching system, staffers and HR departments can set specific criteria based on the demands of each position, yielding a ranked list of top applicants. With a speedy, sophisticated approach, hiring professionals are able to find top talent and get in touch right away.

Other companies are hiring the best applicants

Larger organizations often snatch up much of the top talent, which can be a major issue when small or mid-sized businesses are looking to grow. Hiring professionals are able to counteract this issue in part by being faster and more efficient. Implementing AI-powered tools to get in touch with potential employees and move them through the hiring process allows a business to get a leg up on the competition.

To gain the interest of top workers, a business needs to market itself as a quality employer. Marketing campaigns that showcase a rewarding workplace culture and positive word on social media can go a long way. By focusing on its brand, the organization makes talent want to work there.

A social recruiting strategy can also assist capturing the attention of exceptional talent before they are even really looking for their next role. Robust staffing software brings hiring professionals the time and resources to reach out to passive candidates and build crucial relationships.

Retention is a constant challenge

Once a business hires a quality employee, the next challenge is keeping that person around. In a study conducted by Future Workplace, 87 percent of HR leaders said they considered improved retention a high or critical priority. There are many reasons why employees leave a job, but maintaining strong communication and engagement can help a great deal.

Hiring professionals can draw on their software tools to monitor employees across multiple sites and exchange messages about any problems that arise. With a streamlined workflow, they also have more opportunities to reach out and offer support whenever necessary. As AI-powered processes become more powerful and commonplace, they will liberate HR personnel and staffers to focus their energies on just this sort of interaction.

Jobscience offers the means for businesses to overcome their hiring challenges and fulfill their potential. Cognitive computing and data science are ushering in the future of hiring and making it possible to find better talent faster while building strong relationships.