What Small- to Mid-Sized Staffing Companies Can Learn From Big Industry Players

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Companies learn from one another's successes and failures all the time, and small- to mid-sized staffing firms shouldn't be afraid to follow the lead of their bigger competitors. From following certain social media recruiting best practices that attract talent to using specific staffing agency software, larger staffing firms are able to experiment more with their initiatives and their technology investments due to having more resources and the opportunity to take risks on innovations. Because of this, small- and mid-sized staffing services are in a great position to see what has and hasn't worked for large staffing firms, and to take the leap to invest in software, recruiting strategies and marketing endeavors they feel have worked well for their larger counterparts. 

Ask for Feedback on Social Media
Bigger staffing firms are already carving out their niches in the marketplace, and one way they are doing this is by having an ear on social media. According to Mashable, creating conversations with existing and potential clients online is a strategy most big companies are now following, and smaller firms need to embrace this strategy as well. It may seem like it would take a lot of manpower to have discussions with many people and companies in the digital space, but small- to mid-sized firms don't have to invest as much of their budgets as they may expect. Small staffing firms can use the resources they already have – such as their customer service and marketing departments – and add social media conversations to their existing strategies. Staffing services can do this by opening accounts on commonly used sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, and then assign workers the task of asking for information through these channels. Inc. magazine noted soliciting recommendations on these social sites can get conversations going and give companies the information they need to move forward as a business.

Innovate When Needed
Being bold can be risky for any company, big or small. However, larger firms are often willing to innovate and take risk, and smaller staffing firms should do the same. Small- to mid-sized companies often don't have to take large risks with their strategies, but these firms can take what their bigger competitors are already doing in terms of risk and put their own spin on it. Smaller staffing firms don't have to just limit themselves to following the industry's trends – they can go beyond what big staffing companies are doing and build their own unique spaces. One of the secrets to big companies' successes is that they know when to take risks, and smaller staffing firms can take the risk of improving on what these larger competitors have already learned. For example, ERE.net noted Google's recruiting model is successful, but smaller companies don't have to follow it to the tee. Instead, they should learn what makes the model great and adapt it to fit their own needs.

Smaller staffing firms should follow bigger firms' lead when it comes to taking risks and innovating, and they can do this by looking at what has worked for these large companies and then innovate even more.

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