Use Marketing Techniques to Present Candidates

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Staffing agencies are in many ways in the marketing business. From attracting candidates and clients to creating the right conditions for successful relationships, much of what staffing industry professionals do from day to day has a lot in common with marketing. One crucial point of the relationship between a staffing firm and its clients comes at the presentation of possible candidates for an open position. This is a great time to be marketing-savvy, choose the right hiring software and start with a great impression.

How can staffing agencies use marketing techniques in presenting candidates? To start with, let’s look at the traditional four Ps of marketing, developed in the 1950s. They are:

  • Product
  • Promotion
  • Place
  • Price

For staffing firms, the product or service in this case is the candidates themselves. Promotion involves communicating the features and advantages of the product to the prospective client. Place is the delivery of the service, which has many phases in staffing – it starts with presenting candidates and extends throughout a candidate’s placement. And, of course, price is the amount the client is charged for the candidate’s and the staffing firm’s services. Some people prefer to call these elements creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging, respectively.

What do the four Ps mean for candidate presentation?

Staffing firms need to ensure they have the best product possible – a process that starts with candidate recruitment and extends to ensuring all aspects of the agency function smoothly. This takes place well before specific candidates are presented to particular clients. However, the results of this stage in the process need to be evident in candidate presentation. The quality of the service must be made apparent in its presentation.

Promotion is closely aligned with presenting candidates to clients. It is essentially the practice of marketing candidates to clients, and by implication marketing the staffing firm’s capabilities as well. In the promotion stage, looks matter. Giving clients a candidate package that is visually appealing and easy to navigate is just as important as making sure the candidates included in it are suitable for the open position. This is possible when staffing professionals choose their hiring software with presentation in mind. Picking the best candidate should be as simple as possible for clients – that ease of use is in itself a service. User-friendly candidate packages can help clients make decisions more confidently as well.

Getting a product or service to the place where a client can use it is also a key part of candidate presentation. It is the first step in placing someone in an open position for a client, but it also involves placing the right information in front of the right people at the opportune moment. This should also drive decisions around candidate presentation.

Finally, the price of the services a staffing firm offers reflects its quality, among other variables. High-level services must be consistent, so staffing firms should convey their quality in every interaction with their clients.

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