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Subject line tips for recruiting emails

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Recruiters rely on email to reach out and keep candidates actively engaged. The Short List UI feature in Jobscience's staffing software enables recruiters to quickly compile a list of top talent  they are considering for an upcoming job opening. Then, recruiters can quickly send messages to these candidates. But how do you start? First, consider the subject line.

The subject line is one of the hardest parts of the recruiting email to master. Marketers spend hours A/B testing subject lines to find the one that results in the greatest open rate. Recruiters don't always have time to tinker with messages – they need to fill positions. Here are some tips for mastering the art of the subject line:

Personalization of some kind is a given these days, but one of the more effective tactics is using location. According to MailChimp, using a city name in the subject line improves open rates. Recipients are less likely to see the message as spam if they can see it's actually relevant to them.

Keep it short
Long subject lines get cut off in the inbox. A shorter one ensures the candidate sees everything you're trying to communicate. MailChimp said using 50 characters or fewer is your best bet. On the other hand, a study from Return Path found open rates significantly begin to dip only after 100 characters. Use your intuition to find the best fit.

Email marketing in staffing softwareWrite awesome subject lines for more effective recruiting emails.

Include details
While you have limited space, you should try to include all of the basic information the candidate wants to know. Name the position. If you can, identify your organization. Save the "why" for the content of the email. Just be sure the subject line communicates the basic purpose of your message. 

Avoid clickbait
If you want to establish trust with your recipients, don't bait them. Return Path found clickbait subject lines reduced open rates significantly. Avoid using hyperbolic phrases like "you won't believe" or anything that involves revealing a secret.

Be conversational
Just because you are aiming for an informative message doesn't mean it needs to be stuffy. Strike the right balance between salesy and overly reserved. You're trying to build a relationship, after all.

Creating the perfect email in your staffing software begins with the subject line. Nailing this component starts the conversation off on the right foot and ensures the candidate opens the message.

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