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Salesforce Summer ’17: The Top 3 Features

Jeremy Tips & Tricks

Salesforce just released their Summer ‘17 edition and it’s packed with amazing features. As a Jobscience consultant, one of the things I enjoy most about my role is being able to take these features and apply them to the Jobscience recruitment software. Jobscience is built on the Salesforce platform so it is a huge differentiator that sets us apart from our competitors.

Here are 3 important features you need to use right now:

1. Optimizer Report

Do you have too many reports and dashboards in your system? Are all those fields on the Account record unnecessary? If you answered yes, the Salesforce Optimizer Report is here to save you hours of time.

The Optimizer Report is a feature that roams through the clutter that has built up in your instance of Jobscience. It looks at your organization and suggests areas where you can simplify and drive adoption of features. This will help you focus in on key areas of your database which can be simplified and improved, making you more efficient and improving the overall user experience if you’re using Jobscience.

This feature is available to all Jobscience customers. Ask your System Administrator to run this report for you.

2. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook remains a very important tool for everybody in our workplace. The new update to Lightning Sync in Salesforce improves the integration between Jobscience and Outlook, allowing bi-directional sync of events and contacts.  

Previously, we were only able to pull events from Outlook into Jobscience but not the other way around.  Now, there is the capability to improve the quality of information that you have while working in Jobscience especially when combined with the free Lightning for Outlook plugin.

This feature is available to Jobscience customers that have Outlook 2013 upwards.

3. Lightning Dashboards

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards are a great analytics tool to keep track of the health of your business and performance of your team.

With Summer ‘17, you can now use dashboard filters to provide different views on one dashboard. For example, you can have a filter for “Recruiters” on your Recruiter Activity Dashboard or a filter for “Location or Team” on your Profitability Dashboard. All those insights from just one dashboard!

Dashboard filters are available to Jobscience customers who are using Salesforce Lightning. If you don’t have Lightning, go get it now.

If you need help getting started, email me at jeremy.lee@jobscience.com