Recruiting tips for discovering recent college grads

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As the school year winds down this spring, many college juniors and seniors are preoccupied with the next exciting step in their lives: finding a job. After four years, and sometimes more, of studying and building skills, these young professionals are ready to launch their careers. The only problem is finding the best company fit.

Recruiters are on a mission to improve candidate management and find top talent to fill open positions. They’ve got to keep a few points in mind when considering marketing openings to recent college grads:

College grads are in debt
A report from Mintel found college loan debt has grown to account for 10 percent of U.S. consumer debt since quarter three of 2011. The study found that 30 percent of college grads pay $300 or more per month for their loans and 5 percent pay upwards of $1,000 each month. Only 14 percent of college students have their education paid for by parents or relatives. This means graduates are seeking opportunities where they can make a competitive salary right away, with the potential to move up in a few short years. The National Association for Colleges and Employers found two-thirds of U.S. businesses planned to increase starting salaries to attract top talent.

Tech companies are most popular
The tech industry is clearly a top favorite for college grads these days. Forbes noted that college students demonstrate higher interest in tech companies and exciting start ups than they do in specific brands or retail sectors. This means businesses that don’t revolve around technology must become more active on social media.

College grads value simplicity
If the application process is cumbersome or inefficient, young professionals will give up. Sanjeev Agarwal, the CEO of Collegefeed, stated large companies like Google need no introduction. Students will go out of their way to apply to positions there. For lesser-known corporations, however, increasing visibility and holding an applicant’s attention is incredibly important. Recruiters should consider designing an online application that candidates can save for later should they need to step away. Sites should also be mobile friendly. Businesses must keep in mind that recruitment can happen anywhere, not just through job fairs at the top five schools in the country. Talent exists everywhere and may find an employer through independent research.

Focus on culture 
Finally, the Reno Gazette-Journal stated that without a prominent, engaging company culture, grads won’t be able to connect with the business’s mission. It’s a good idea to promote the ways in which the company changes the world and invests in its employees.

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