Position Your Staffing Firm for Success

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Starting a staffing firm requires a strong brand position from day one. To be successful, a staffing agency needs to have a consistent and valuable brand voice and mission – and it needs to be something all stakeholders agree with and take to heart. Crafting a positioning statement may be a daunting idea, but it is really just the answers to a few questions, according to First Round. From this small questionnaire, staffing firms can derive everything from brand style to a marketing strategy. Without a solid direction at the beginning, agencies can flounder and even fail, which means a position statement is a vital asset in the early days of a new staffing firm.

"You need to position your product in the mind of your user," startup marketing consultant Arielle Jackson told First Round. "And that requires taking your potential users into account, assessing the product's strengths and weaknesses and considering your competition. There are so many products out there, and people are busy. You have to know who you are."

Staffing firms need to see the services they provide as their product in this scenario. From this perspective, new staffing agencies should answer the questions Jackson suggests, which she learned in turn from former Google Head of Marketing and Communications Christopher Escher. They are: What is your product for? Who are you? What is your product? What is its key benefit? How are you unlike your competitors? These questions contain many others within them. For example, talking about the benefit a staffing agency can bring its clients may mean speaking to particular pain points, and who an agency really is may also mean why everyone involved has chosen this path.

How to Use Positioning Statements
Positioning statements from large, established brands are available online, and there are many guides to creating them the right way. Staffing agencies will find the basic format is flexible, and that positioning statements contain a lot of information in a few words. They aren't taglines, though they share some similarities – a positioning statement is internally focused rather than for potential customers to see. Taglines also tend to be shorter than positioning statements.

Once a staffing agency has its positioning statement settled, it can create other marketing materials and strategies on that basis. Modern staffing software allows agencies to disseminate their brand message and position to current and potential clients, business partners and candidates with a variety of tools. A brand positioning statement can lead to on-point social media campaigns, job opening posts, messaging to business prospects and more. With the right staffing software solution, firms can launch all of these important initiatives from one place and ensure consistency in their brand across different platforms and mediums. Just as a brand positioning statement is the foundation of marketing strategy, the right staffing software is the source of all mission-critical business activity.

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