How to send recruiting emails that work

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Sending emails is something staffing agents do multiple times a day, every day. They probably think they’ve nailed the art, but they’re probably wrong. Just one look at the metrics in your staffing software will tell you that they’re not filling as many positions as they could be. There could be any number of issues, but sending awesome recruiting messages is one thing you can fix relatively easily. Here’s the question: How can you send an email that candidates will actually open, read, and respond to? It’s more difficult than it might seem. Here are some tips to cut through cluttered inboxes to reach the talent who matters and make a placement before your competitors do.

Send to the right people
One of the keys to successful email is finding your audience. Use your recruiting software metrics to determine which candidates are most likely to be open to the opportunity you’re advertising. You may have one hundred software developers in your database, but some of them may have been in there for a while. Send a message out to all the developers and keep track of how many responses you get. Build a shortlist based on the most responsive candidates and send a recruiting email out to only this group. Chances are the response rate will be much higher.

Personalize recruiting emails
Did you know that personalized emails have 29 percent greater open rates and 41 percent higher click rates? Everyone is overwhelmed with email these days. It’s easy to send messages straight to the trash if they don’t look interesting. Candidates are far more likely to open messages that are relevant to their needs. If your employees aren’t personalizing messages to candidates, it’s time for them to start. If your staffing software enables personalized email marketing, encourage your staffing agents to start using the feature.

Keep it short
Candidates are busy people, especially the ones with skills that are in demand. You need to respect their time. If you’re lucky enough to incite their interest enough to open the email, you have very little time to keep their attention. So, they’ve actually clicked your email – what now? Salesforce suggests recruiters “keep it short and dumb it down.” Make candidates work as little as possible to decipher your message. You may even want to bold the most critical messages and use bullet points. Don’t use jargon.

Make it mobile-friendly
As we said, your talent pool is busy. They might be scanning your email on the go. The subject line should be short enough that it doesn’t get cut off on a smaller screen. According to Copy Blogger, you should stick to 40 characters or less. Don’t use a template that only works on a desktop computer. If you use links in the email, make sure they are far enough apart to accommodate fingers instead of a mouse.

Analyze and improve
One of the best attributes of great staffing software is that it allows you to look at success metrics and use them to improve your approach. Check the response rates of email messages and hone your approach based on what you see. Are open rates low? Try something new with your subject line. Are recipients opening emails but never responding? The content is likely to blame. Don’t send the same emails time after time; learn from mistakes and continue to improve your strategy.

At the end of the day, an awesome email strategy helps you find the right talent more quickly, make a placement, and move on to the next client. Great email impacts your bottom line. Make sure your staffing agents make the most of this channel.

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