How to Blend Business and Fun at Dreamforce

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This year’s Dreamforce, taking place from October 13-16 in San Francisco, promises to be quite an engaging conference. Keynote speakers include Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, which is probably enough to entice you to attend all on its own. Past attendee Steven Weber describes the conference as “half rock concert and half industry show,” so it’s not surprising there is a lot to do in those four short days. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your time there, including enjoying San Francisco:

  • Concentrate on sessions that will bring high ROI. According to the Dreamforce website, people who attend find that their companies gain ROI from the investment perspective. Costs include attendance, travel and lodgings, but attendees report a 32 percent increase in employee productivity and a 30 percent increase in employee engagement from Dreamforce. There are more than 1,400 sessions available, and you should take the opportunity to research what you want to do ahead of time. Focus on sessions that apply directly to how you do business and where you want to grow in the future for best returns. Of course, you should also make sure to hit sessions you’ll have fun at – and a combination of both is ideal.
  • Get ready to network. You’ll meet industry leaders from all fields at Dreamforce, so it’s important you go into the conference with the intent of making connections. Whatever this means for you – whether it’s carrying business cards or psyching yourself up for a lot of conversation – you should concentrate on getting into the best mindset to network.
  • Get to the Campground and training sessions. While you’re at Dreamforce, make time to see the Salesforce Campground, where you can look at and use Salesforce products and talk to other customers. It might also be a good time for you to get Salesforce certified. Two-day courses before the conference begins are available, from getting started to administration courses for people with experience. One-day courses are also available.You can also take certification exams at Dreamforce if this interests you.
  • Have fun! The Dreamforce benefit concert is likely to be enjoyable for everyone, and the conference is located in San Francisco, a city with a lot to offer in its own right. USA Today also reminds travelers to the city to pack for a wide variety of weather conditions. San Francisco’s restaurant scene may be very appealing to you, but it can be hard to get a reservation at the hottest spots. You should plan ahead or eat at hotspots for lunch, when reservations are easier to get. Fodor’s recommends checking out the Palace of Fine Arts and the California Academy of Sciences for cultural and intellectual enrichment during your trip.

However you decide to experience Dreamforce, make sure your choices are informed and you’re keeping enjoyment at the top of your mind. Take a look at the videos Dreamforce has made available to get insight on sessions and tips for newcomers. Past attendees say they had fun and learned critical new information all at once, and you can too.

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