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As a former CTO and someone who manages large Salesforce and Jobscience databases frequently, I am quite familiar with the challenges to capturing and maintaining clean data in a CRM system. We are all guilty of wasting precious time playing around with data in a system. In recruitment, a lot of the data comes in the form of CV’s but there are many data points such as current salary, salary expectations, and notice period that are left uncollected. So why not ask the candidate or client to provide the information instead?

Sure, there are a ton of complementary tools on the internet that allow you to create survey forms but these platforms don’t capture key information you need. The biggest drawback of these tools is that the information resides outside of your CRM (on another “island of data”).

Over the years, Jobscience Forms has allowed recruitment to do so much more than just onboard new hires. Forms allows you to automate the onboarding and data collection within your CRM so that you can maximize data capture.

For example, Jobscience Forms can create a data field to email or add to your job posting, allowing your candidate or contact to post the data directly into the relevant record in your Jobscience system. Now the person who has the data can retrieve it right from the Candidate’s record in Jobscience. If you are engaging in any email campaigns to your candidate database, adding a simple data collection form to capture key information means you will see more benefits from your email campaign immediately.

Here’s how you could use forms in your own Jobscience system:

  • References – Send a form out to capture a candidate’s reference and automate a form to be send to the client.
  • Adding Tasks – Request or a call back or other action.
  • Compliance information capturing – Records key information about a candidate’s certificates or other compliance information.
  • Contract management – Send and Receive client contracts or terms of business.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Record customer satisfaction and other marketing survey material.

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