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How to improve your employer brand in 3 steps

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Many businesses face significant gaps between the talent they need and what’s available, which means those with the right skills have their pick of the litter. How do you go about attracting the people with the skills you need? Employment branding.

An employment brand is an increasingly important part of recruiting strategy. It’s a buyer’s market for job seekers right now, and recruiters need to do everything they can to demonstrate the value of their workplace and what sets them apart. However, many companies aren’t aware of how much work goes into employment branding.

See the value in your organization
The best branding comes from within. Your organization has something to offer. The key is to pull it out and position it so that job seekers can see it too. Not only will you attract awesome people this way; your retention could improve. As Fast Company points out, many companies use bribery to keep their workforce engaged, but fail to see what really motivates employees. Winning a gold star on an internal social media platform may feel good in the short term, but belonging to a workplace that prioritizes employee well-being is more effective. You probably already have these elements in place. Do you have an office that’s organized so that people can work independently or in groups depending on their needs? That’s great! Put more effort into promoting this aspect and communicate why you believe it’s important.

Get creative
The U.S. Navy has slipped up in its recruiting strategies before, but the organization is learning from past mistakes. In 2013 the Navy’s recruiting campaign used the slogan “a global force for good.” But a study from Rasmussen Reports found that a majority of U.S. voters didn’t believe the slogan reflected the mission of the Navy. As a result, the slogan was unpopular. To turn things around, the Navy is crowdsourcing new slogans. Anyone can submit a slogan. A panel of experts will select a few top contenders and Military Times readers will vote on them. The move will make the decision more democratic and possibly tell the Navy a little more about its audience.

Check your progress and improve
Is your branding strategy working? Consider identifying key performance indicators and using recruiting analytics in your applicant tracking software to see if your applicant pool is changing. If you have more applicants coming in from a certain source, consider leveraging it for marketing. Has social recruiting gone through the roof since you established a more in-depth employee branding campaign? It’s time to put more effort into that channel.

Employment branding is the biggest recruiting buzzword of 2015, but it’s one that’s worth paying attention to. Communicate your value to job seekers. Invest in promoting what’s cool about your brand. The only real difference between a workplace that job seekers think is cool and one that’s behind the times is that one has taken the time to strategically promote its brand. Isn’t it time to be the cool kid on the playground?

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