Skydiving into pools of candidate

Catching the Big Fish in a Deep Candidate Pool

Nolan Gray Tips & Tricks

Finding the ideal employee for a job is always a challenge, and it’s only getting tougher. In the 2016-2017 ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey, 40 percent of global employers reported issues with talent shortages, and the problem is growing in many fields and industries. The nonprofit advocacy group projected there could be 1 million more jobs in computer science than people with the training to fill them by 2020.

To get in touch with individuals who have the right education, skills and experience to excel in a role, hiring professionals must cast a wide net. When human resources departments and staffing agencies experience problems finding qualified people or high turnover rates, it could be a sign their candidate pool is too shallow. Fortunately, with improved tools and strategies, it’s possible to push off into deeper waters and engage with remarkable new employees.

Choosing your spot

“Catching that big fish starts with creating a job posting.”

Catching that big fish starts with creating a job posting that clearly lays out the position’s requirements. While being flexible about certain aspects sometimes pays off, writing an overly vague description hurts the chances of finding someone who meets the organization’s needs. The Balance explained that searches are likely to be more successful when hiring professionals consult with people in similar positions, establishing a list of 5 to 10 essential skills and characteristics for each job.

Where you post that job description makes a huge difference in how many responses come in from applicants with the necessary background. Announcing a position on major job sites and the organization’s own branded job board are important steps, but that may not be sufficient to catch the attention of the best-qualified workers. By advertising on the niche, industry-specific sites frequented by people in the field, hiring professionals may hear back from a broader range of candidates who possess the skills the job calls for.

Casting deeper

Today, it’s often simple to learn a lot about job applicants even before conducting a preliminary phone interview. According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, 60 percent of employers used social media to research applicants as of 2016. A peek at someone’s online profile may offer a more detailed understanding of what makes someone a good fit for the position.

In addition to screening candidates, using a search tool to poke around online is now frequently a major factor in finding qualified people in the first place. Social media profiles are an increasingly vital part of how hiring professionals pick out potential new hires and make initial contact. A targeted social recruiting strategy can reveal many workers who are well-suited to a position and streamline the hiring process.

Luring passive candidates

One reason why social media has become such a routine part of recruitment is the growing emphasis on seeking out passive candidates. These highly qualified workers, who are not currently scouring the job boards for their next position, have a big part to play in any organization’s efforts to expand its pool of applicants.

Getting the attention of passive candidates takes a strategic approach that’s akin to marketing. Email and social media campaigns that are carefully personalized go a long way to capture the attention of these potential employees. Most important, however, is gaining a reputation as a leader in the industry that’s well-liked by employees.

Using the right gear

Along with up-to-date strategies, human resources professionals need robust tools to develop a selection of quality candidates and make informed choices. Advanced recruitment software facilitates every phase of sourcing great candidates and moving them through the interview and hiring processes. With systems powered by artificial intelligence, matching tools are becoming more efficient and more effective.

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