How to increase talent pipeline

4 Ways to Successfully Nurture Your Talent Pipeline

Nolan Gray Tips & Tricks

Finding the right talent is always a challenge for staffing agencies. Once you’ve qualified the job order, you need to quickly find candidates to fill the open position before competitors do. How do you make sure you fill that open slot quickly and find the perfect person for the job at the same time? To do this effectively, you need a robust talent pipeline. With the best staffing software solution, it should be easy to identify talent and keep in touch with them until the right spot is open. This approach is called candidate nurturing.

Why candidate nurturing?
Every recruiter has faced the following situation at one point or another: You spent weeks filling your staffing software with candidates who have data engineering experience. Finally, you get a job order that asks for just this skill. You send off an email to the candidates. After that, nothing. No response.

What went wrong? Those candidates had skills that were in high demand, and you left them hanging and failed to keep in touch. In the meantime, they found employment or were snatched up by other agencies.

When you use a candidate nurturing strategy, you can more easily maintain a relationship with your talent so they’ll stick around until a position is open. How exactly do you accomplish this? Use these four ways:

1.  The right tools
Using a staffing software solution like Jobscience’s, it’s easy to maintain a relationship with talent over a long period. Built on the Salesforce platform, Jobscience easily integrates with a number of tools that make candidate relationship management simple, such as email marketing and marketing automation software. You even have the option of reaching out to candidates with SMS.

“Jobscience helps staffing agencies maintain relationships with talent.”

2.  Consistent messaging
The main goal of candidate nurturing is to keep talent engaged so they don’t slip through the cracks. That means once they’re in your database, you don’t let them collect dust. After potential candidates have signed on with your organization, send them regular messages. But don’t overdo it; you don’t want to spam them. Use the metrics in your email software to determine what the best email frequency is for your candidates.

3.  Send relevant, valuable messages
Everyone receives junk email that isn’t relevant to them. Whether it’s an online store telling you about a deal for clothes you don’t want or a newsletter from an organization you don’t even remember visiting, junk email is everywhere. Email marketing and marketing automation software enable you to divide up your talent lists into small segments, which makes it easier to provide valuable content to everyone in your pipeline. Send educational emails about unique candidate industries or interview tips—anything that will help candidates on their career paths and build trust with your staffing firm. Let them see you as a valuable partner in their job search, and they are unlikely to fall off your radar.

4.  Start early

Having trouble finding candidates with key skills when you need them? Develop relationships with career services at local schools. Students nearing graduation will be looking for employment opportunities, and a staffing agency could be a great fit for their needs. Go to career fairs, establish relationships with students and maintain the relationships with candidate nurturing strategies.

Staffing firms remain competitive by filling open positions quickly. But it’s hard to do that if you don’t have an active candidate database. Candidate nurturing allows you to build and maintain relationships with talent so they are ready to go when the need arises.