3 B2B Marketing Buzzwords Staffing Services Need to Stop Using Immediately

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Every business needs to have a solid marketing plan in place to attract customers, and staffing services are no exception. But when it comes to staffing firms' business-to-business marketing, they must be especially careful with how they speak about their company. Clients can see vague terms as showing the staffing firm doesn't have a strong handle on its target market. Using overused terms can cause the firm to be seen as just following the crowd. 

Here are 3 buzzwords your firm should no longer use:

1. Synergy
According to Marketing Today, synergy is one of those words that may mean something to the company the term is describing, but it may not mean anything to potential clients. This type of word comes off like jargon and can alienate clients, which is exactly what staffing companies don't want to do.

2. Industry-leading
Business that are truly pioneering often don't put energy into claiming they are – these companies show they lead the industry, according to The Guardian. Anyone can say they lead the industry, but the staffing firm must show it.

3. Innovative
This might be the most overused buzzword out there, because this term brings to mind that the company is ground-breaking and inspirational. But, like industry-leading, any company can claim they are innovative – show how your firm is different.

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