Alarm clock, time saved

Staffing Hacks: Time Saved is Money Earned

Nolan Gray Products & Technology

If staffing firms are searching for greater efficiency, spending countless hours chasing time cards and manually entering data each week won’t help.

In my numerous conversations with staffing firms across North America, I am continuously amazed at how many firms still follow a manual process. Manual data entry promotes a higher risk of error. This risk is increased if the staffing firm has multiple data systems.

Online time and expense portals have proved meaningful as it bolsters efficiency for staffing firms. For example, Jobscience’s Back Office has an online community that provides professional contractors with a portal to document their hours and expenses from any device. It can also automate approval workflows and time card reminders. The Back Office uses artificial intelligence to recognize when contractors haven’t submitted a time card or when a client hasn’t approved the time by a certain day. Imagine the amount of time and money you can save!

If you have more extensive time requirements such as blue-collar day labor, temporary workers can provide availability, accept shifts, clock-in and clock-out via mobile. With the Jobscience geo-locator feature, you can be confident that workers are at the job site.

What if you can easily pull pre-populated data into an invoice template with one click of the mouse? Or what if the hours collected could roll into a report that calculates your commission’s tiers?

The time saved can be put towards more innovative aspects of your business, allowing more opportunity for growth and success. Top staffing firms focus on streamlining their business processes so understanding how to properly utilize today’s technology will help your business grow in a competitive market