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3 Tech Trends That are Transforming Workforce HR

Nolan Gray Staffing

It seems that every aspect of business is more rapidly evolving than at any other time in our modern history. Since the dawn of the computer age and the invention of devices that could capture data, we’ve begun accumulating reams of information. But for decades, it was all archival information that we weren’t tapping, just storing. Then in later years, …

Best Practices for Managing Social Media in the Workplace

Nolan Gray Staffing

In an average workweek, how well does your company manage its social media presence? Is there a strategy in place to manage this valuable resource? Social media is a regular part of many businesses today, for a variety of practical reasons. From a human resource standpoint, it can be an effective way of connecting with future and current employees. Yet, far …

4 Ways for Recruiters to Get Social Media Savvy

Nolan Gray Staffing

If the numbers are correct, that 89% of companies used social media for recruiting in 2011, then it’s more important than ever that recruiters get on board with social media, isn’t it? From finding the right hard-to-fill position to uncovering fudged skills sets, the reach of social media is far more impressive than network creators ever imagined.  If you aren’t …