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Improving Analytic Dashboards with AI

Jeremy Artificial Intelligence, Market Trends

Analytic dashboards are attractive functions within many process management systems in business.  Slick charts have helped close many sales. Our sense, however, is that the ease that dashboards can be created has led to an analytics overload.  There are too many dashboards with too many data points that have little to do with what the user is trying to …

10 Ways to Thank Your Employees to Boost Productivity

Nolan Gray Staffing

Studies have consistently shown the relationship between employees who feel appreciated and the outcome of company goals. Highly engaged employees are those who are thanked regularly by their employers in a strategic way to boost productivity. This is evidenced in a 2012 GloboForceinfographic The Value of Thanking Employees, concerning how the act of showing appreciation to employees can be key drivers of …