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New I-9 Is Here to Stay – Are You in Compliance?

Nolan Gray Staffing

Did you know? As of May 7th, if you’re not using the brand spanking new I-9, you may be in for a compliance spanking… Your company can face fines ranging from $110 up to $1,100 for failing to comply with requirements on the new form – and that’s per infraction! And if your mistakes are judged not to be honest …

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5 Crash and Burn Results from Lax Onboarding

Nolan Gray Staffing

We’ve written recently (and often) about recruiting, engagement and retention. But have you paused to consider that engagement and retention efforts truly begin during the recruiting process? Just as the interview is the first chance for your new staffer to make a first impression on the firm, the process is vice-versa as well. And once you decide to hire the …