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Improving Analytic Dashboards with AI

Jeremy Artificial Intelligence, Market Trends

Analytic dashboards are attractive functions within many process management systems in business.  Slick charts have helped close many sales. Our sense, however, is that the ease that dashboards can be created has led to an analytics overload.  There are too many dashboards with too many data points that have little to do with what the user is trying to …

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3 Ways to Improve Your Data Quality Metrics

Jeremy Data, Tips & Tricks

Data quality is becoming a top priority for information-driven organizations to enable cost optimization, business analytics and new regulatory compliance initiatives (See European data privacy). The problem is that poor-quality data gets in the way and undermines these critical business objectives, the problem can spiral out of control as key users conclude that your data can’t be trusted. According to …


Align Your Organization Around Meaningful Analytics

Jeremy Products & Technology, Tips & Tricks

Analytics are usually provided with most modern systems for managing business processes like sales, marketing, recruiting and project management.  Typically, they appear in the form of dashboards and reports.  However, we think that the analytics component of most process management systems is one of the most under-utilized features of these systems.  For example, in the stack of Jobscience’ customer suggestions …


The Next Chapter: Recruitment KPI Forecasting Systems

Jeremy Products & Technology

Jobscience provides recruitment marketing, recruiting and contingent workforce management systems for agencies and direct employers in thirty-two languages worldwide. In this article, I would like to summarize what we expect to accomplish with a major project that is underway.  Our company is working on a forecasting program that uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to provide guidance in achieving our customer’s …

Jobscience and Talent Analytics Partner to Pre-integrate Candidate Assessment Analysis the only Unified Recruiting Platform

Jeremy News

 SAN FRANCISCO and CAMBRIDGE, Mass. June 26, 2013 – Jobscience, Inc., the leader in unified recruiting engagement, and Talent Analytics, Corp., the leader in predicting employee performance, today announced a strategic partnership resulting in the pre-integration of Talent Analytics into Jobscience Recruiting. Talent Analytics for Jobscience™ provides recruiters and hiring managers with insights to hire candidates that will perform better …

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Making Better Decisions – How Data Analytics Are Empowering HR

Nolan Gray Staffing

For decades, human resources has been a rather “soft science” – it was more about massaging egos, comforting employees and sorting out squabbles. But now, leadership is demanding more from its HR professionals – they want their people-whisperers to use data analytics to make smarter workforce decisions. In our tight economy, businesses must make the most of limited resources – …