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Use Your Applicant Tracking System to Drive Employer Branding

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Sure your applicant tracking system is great for doing what the name indicates – tracking your applicants – but did you know there’s lots more it can be doing to help your company? In fact, your ATS can help drive and reinforce your employer branding which can increase the response rates to your ads (which can be a Catch-22) but more importantly can improve the quality of the candidates that respond to your postings – and that’s always a good thing. Check out these ways you can use your ATS to drive branding:

#1 Carry Over Branding from other Sources

If you think branding is just about what you do or sell, think again. In this age of social media where every company can easily be reviewed and reviled by the masses, what you push out isn’t the only source of marketing about your company. Your company culture, value and history are important parts of your branding message – particularly when it comes to hiring. Your job postings, career page on your website and job boards must convey this messaging as well as be consistent with your branding from your main website. Make these pages resonate so that no matter where a candidate looks for information they will see reinforced employer branding. Be sure your ATS links to the appropriate pages and that your interface reinforces your messaging.

#2 Communicate Your Branding to Candidates

Pushing out branding to various pages or sites your candidates may check is one thing, but you can’t be sure they will go to the well and drink. Instead, try some pull messaging for your branding. Your applicant tracking system is no doubt programmed to send out automated updates and messages. When you craft these messages – both the automated and any manual ones – be sure to reinforce your branding in your communications. You can encourage the candidate to read your company’s unique story by sending a link in the body of the message with a call to action. Your words and actions in the recruiting process can also reinforce or contradict your messaging, so be careful what you say.

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#3 Convey Branding through other Channels

You may have the best webpage about your company, but if your candidates are more about social media over traditional, they may not see your employer branding message. Be sure all of your branding bases are covered. When you set up auto-posts to Twitter from your ATS, you can use hashtagging to lead back to key posts that tie to your branding. With your Facebook posts from your ATS, you can include links to key messaging pages or posts or “like” functionality. For instance, if your company is in the nutrition arena, employer branding can reveal that your company encourages a vegetarian lifestyle and offers only vegan snacks in the workplace. This can help assure corporate fit!

Everywhere that your ATS touches and sends messages to should include employer branding messaging. Whether the ATS is interacting on your behalf with candidates, posting to job boards or social media channels, be sure that your employer branding is clearly conveyed so that candidates can assess whether you’re a fit for them and vice versa! If your applicant tracking system is less than robust and doesn’t allow for the level of customization that will allow you to reinforce your employer branding, give Jobscience Recruiting a try! Click here for a free demo to see just how flexible, affordable and effective recruiting on the world’s #1 CRM can be!