Top 3 Game Changers of 2013

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Time always seems to pass so fast, and 2013 is no different. It’s already that time of the year to reflect back. For me, it was year of life changes, which I will go into more detail on another blog. Let’s just say that in a span of 3 months … New Company. New Job. New Location.

Core to my role as Jobscience’s product marketing manager is keeping up-to-date with turbulence within the recruiting market, and thus why I feel it is so right for me to be writing Jobscience’s Top Three Game Changers of 2013:

#1 Regulations

Government regulations always impact the compliance factor of recruiting. I have not seen in my lifetime a statute profoundly influence the future composition of the workforce and or simply doing business like The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is projected to. Will an employer’s workforce become more contractor-oriented and transient because US citizens no longer need to fear being left behind on healthcare benefits? Or the impact on staffing agency’s contractor retention and contract negotiations because of the newly acquired healthcare costs? Revisit Jobscience’s BrightTalk channel and our Session on The Changing Marketplace.

#2 The Baby-Boomer

While the recent recession may have curbed the pace of baby boomer retirement, the reality still stands that nearly 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. For some occupations and industries like nursing and oil/gas, the retiring baby boomer phenomena is creating a skills shortage and the next generation “War for Talent” … the difference … the power has shifted to the job seeker. Check out The Aging Workforce | Recruitment and Employee Retention Blog and 5 Ways to Take Advantage of Shifting Workforce Demographics

#3 Mobile

Mobile is beyond the “unicorn” vision and is very much reality. Jobscience’s VP, Development & Engineering, Jan Schiffman is always emphasizing to his team “Mobile First.” For the power Jobscience users and those who were able to hear about Salesforce1 platform announcement at Dreamforce ’13,  almost everything a power user can do in Jobscience on his/her desktop can be done on one’s mobile device of preference. Unique to Jobscience, especially for corporate employers, is the engagement of hiring manager user community in the recruiting process. At Dreamforce ’13, Jobscience announced a beta version of Jobscience Mobile Manager for both iPhone and Android Smartphone devices. Re-review our Mobile Manager blog post and even take a Jobscience Mobile Manager video tour.

I’ve just hit upon the tip of the iceberg, but 2013 in recruiting buzz also included many conversations on  The Candidate Experience, the merger of content & technology providers, the reality of talent communities (check out Jobscience CEO’s recent talk on Talent Communities) and recruiting technology disrupters (did you heard about Jobscience’s Dreamforce Hackathon entry called “Jobbel”) and much more.  I expect 2014 will continue to keep me busy and look forward to expanding Jobscience’s thought leadership with both employers and staffing agencies.  Let’s stay connected on LinkedIn and Twitter.


-Cheers and Happy New Year!!!