Dan Fisher Offers Up Staffing Agency Sales Insights

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On June 9, Jobscience is hosting a webinar with Dan Fisher, Founder and President of Menemsha Group, which provides staffing agency sales solutions. Dan has a lot of experience working with staffing firms and has some great insight into the industry’s current needs. We were glad to pick Dan’s brain about sales teams at staffing firms and some best practices for success.

The key takeaway is that staffing firms need to invest in better tools and processes to improve their sales effectiveness. Being advocates of tools like staffing software, we heartily agree!

Here are some of the things we talked about:


Dan Fisher will share his best practices for staffing sales executives during his June 9th webinar.

Top problems in staffing sales
According to Dan, staffing agencies face a number of sales problems today. Overall, agencies need to invest more in their sales reps, whether it means putting greater effort into the hiring process, placing emphasis on training and development, or even implementing better tools and processes. For instance, staffing firms tend to ditch a hiring profile and instead go for a gut feel for hiring sales reps, resulting in high turnover.

As with sales teams everywhere, opening new accounts is another key issue in the staffing industry. At the base of this problem is customer service.

“Staffing firms really struggle with with how to differentiate from their competitors and how to create a valuable and memorable experience for the customer,” Dan says.

One of the main problems is that sales teams are inconsistent with messaging and processes, and they focus hard on working quickly and increasing activity. Staffing agencies can’t just make an arbitrary placement; it needs to be the right candidate. Reps need to understand the client’s business to ensure they find the right talent.

The need for established processes
Another key to sales success is to follow a methodology. According to Dan, few staffing agencies follow a specific sales methodology. However, reps that follow an established sales process are more likely to hit their quotas. Why? A set process, especially one supported with the right software tools, enables sales reps to work smarter, not harder.

Traditionally, staffing firms focus on increasing activity to grow revenue, but this perspective is off. Instead, sales teams need to be better at knowing which leads to follow, when to make each move and what to say. Following an outlined sales process like Menemsha Group’s software Quota King allows sales reps to do this more effectively.

“In the staffing industry there is a misbelief that the only way you can make more placements and more money is by increasing your activity level,” Dan said. “But if you don’t have a process to follow, or a methodology on how to execute each step in your process, it is very difficult to identify which behaviors you need to focus on to improve sales effectiveness.”

Preparation is also vital to sales success, and it’s another piece of Dan’s quality-over-quantity perspective. Many sales managers push for reps to make more calls, which results in a lack of preparedness.

Dan emphasizes that sales reps need to prepare before hopping on the phone with a prospect or having a meeting.

“Don’t make any call until you have completed a call plan. This will improve sales effectiveness and the productivity of each call.”

To hear more from Dan Fisher, tune in to our webinar “Customer Engagement Best Practices for Staffing Agencies” on June 9 at 1:00. We look forward to seeing you there!

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