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Onboarding Mistakes Your Applicant Tracking System Can Correct

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If you’ve got a robust applicant tracking system like Jobscience, you may be able to automate a good bit of your onboarding process to eliminate mistakes that can get your company off on the wrong foot with your new staffer. We’ve written before how lax onboarding can disengage new hires and how automating some of these important tasks can benefit employee satisfaction:

#1 Starting Onboarding When the New Hires Comes on Board

There’s nothing worse than spending your first day on a new job trapped in a room with a mountain of HR forms to contend with. By automating benefits and payroll set-up through your applicant tracking system, you can eliminate the need for hours of hand-cramping form processing on day one and get your new staffer right into their job. As soon as the employee accepts the offer, you can have a digital new hire packet ready to be sent by your ATS so they are already enrolled on day one in the important systems at work to get them off to a good start.

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#2 Not Providing Critical Information Prior to Start Date

Not being sure where to park, if there are front-desk security protocols, what their expected arrival time is and whether there’s a dress code is all critical information. Dress codes may not be a big deal for some people, but for those who believe in taking dress for success to new levels, knowing if layering sheers is appropriate is important. Having this knowledge ahead of time can minimize first day jitters. Automated messaging can provide all of the critical information about when they should be there, any important policies to know about work attire and what information they need to deal with security without you making a phone call. This is a template message that your applicant tracking system can be triggered to send to all new hires prior to day one.

#3 Failing to Have Their Workspace Ready for Them

The second most annoying thing after being stuck in a spare office to fill out forms for hours is being dropped off at a bare cubicle with no computer, or a computer but no network password, no chair or other tools you need to start off successfully. Your applicant tracking system can also communicate internally to alert IT that computer setup and login credentials are needed along with a deadline prior to the start date, to notify facilities that cubicle (or office), chairs and shelving should be checked to make sure they are functional and clean and to the team to let them know they have a new co-worker to greet. Making the first day a welcoming and comfortable experience can contribute to long-term worker satisfaction.

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If you wait until your employee’s first day to initiate onboarding, you run the risk of making them feel less than valued and will get your relationship off to a bad start! If your applicant tracking system or recruiting software is not robust enough to help you automate your onboarding, you may want to get better tools! Consider Jobscience Recruiting in conjunction with Jobscience Onboarding to seamlessly take new hires from the candidate process to new employee status with automated, efficient onboarding tools that lighten everyone’s workload while providing a superior new hire experience! Click here for a free demo!