Jobscience Innovates Suburban Recruiting Market

Jeremy Staffing

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (Jobscience – Apr 1, 2014) – Jobscience Inc., the leader in recruiting engagement software, today announced Jobscience Lemonade Stand Edition™, the first Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) based recruiting platform focused on hiring top talent in suburban neighborhoods. Lemonade Stand Edition™ provides the tools that K-12 users have been demanding; Social Recruiting Tools, Dashboards, Powerful Reporting, Timesheets, and an Applicant Management System all come preconfigured with every Lemonade Stand Edition™.

Third Grade beta user Quincy Smith described Jobscience Lemonade Stand Edition™ as, “a cloud based candidate relationship management platform built on the worlds #1 CRM, Everybody knows that!”. When asked for further comment, Quincy quickly dashed off to acquire more lemonade from the stand down the street which had successfully deployed Jobscience Lemonade Stand Edition™ earlier in the day.

Jobscience aims to make simplicity of use a core focus in the upcoming editions and Lemonade Stand Edition™ is no exception. CRM based recruiting focuses on providing a powerful database with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Recruiting with Jobscience is so easy – kids are doing it! To learn more, check out our Talent Insight below.